The Fascination with Hands: Luwuciferx


Why the modern world has a hand obsession, and we want to know why.

Driven by influencers exactly like Luwuciferx, the modern world has become obsessed with hands. Not in a polite way, either there is something overtly sexual in this new obsession, and it doesn’t stop with a few TikTok videos.

Luwucifer is one of the new waves of faceless influencers. His case has seen a drive-in desire for hand videos through TikTok, the online video sharing app. While some teens use the app for cute dances and showing off outfits in lockdown that they can’t wear outside – Luwuciferx is generating the same level of interest with a few hand videos.

TikTok and the rise of the Hand Influencers

The hand influencer is a bit of a new concept to us. Before, we had obscure hand models. Now, we have those with handsome hands creating 15-second TikTok videos. Luwuciferx has been seen driving, cosplaying popular anime characters,  and performing day-to-day activities without ever showing his face. 

With his unique jewelry pieces, flashy watches, Kandi bracelets with subtle messages, a brand new Tesla, and dark streetwear style, he is an enigmatic presence on TikTok. We also know he has more than 440,000 followers on Tiktok and more on Twitter and Instagram and figures rising by the day.

So, what’s the appeal of this faceless influencer? The idea that you only ever see his hands is a huge turn-on for most followers. When asked, fans state that he is attractive, even though they have never seen his face. Luwucifer himself says he won’t do a full-face reveal, although parts of his face can be found on his various accounts.

Arguably, Luwuciferx was able to put together his new status off the back of other creators. The recent success of Corpse Husband, for example, has paved the way for other faceless stars. Corpse Husband is a celebrity famous for his deep voice in his songs and on Twitch streams. His social media presence is very quiet as he only posts his hands which garnered millions of likes. Luwucifer is famed for his hands-on TikTok with his cosplay driving videos but people have pointed out the similarities in both of their hands. 

Cosplaying by Hand

Luwucifer uses his internet fame to cosplay up occasionally. All his fans love Boku No Hero Academia’s Dabi, a broody and dark character. This gained him thousands of new fans who are excited to see what he will post next and it is what elevates this faceless influencer. That and his love of fashion.

The next step for Luwuciferx is to set up a new fashion line. His brand SHDW Studio focuses on street clothing with a dark theme. It uses anime as its inspiration, seen in the already featured manga-style art. This unique take on branding is something that the corporate world has yet to see – let alone that it sprang from TikTok, an application everyone is worried about, only because it came from China.

Fashion-forward, inspirational, and business-savvy, we can’t wait to see what this internet entrepreneur turns his hands to next. Will it be a face reveal? We guess only time will tell.


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