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Influence Grid: Getting the Right TikTok Influencer


Marketing has always been about influencing people. The power to convince people can help a product or a service increase its sales and value to a level where it can become a success. The influence factor has always existed in one form or another in different times. People with important positions or whose voice was heard by the public have always been sought.

Modern Social Influencers

As technology evolved, so did the medium and way of influencers. During the time of the radio, people who were not only famous, but had a convincing tone were largely used for commercials, endorsements and testimonial advertisements. As communication evolved and shifted towards television, the looks of the influencers was also factored in.

Modern social influencing still retains all of the characteristics of the past: a voice that can be heard by thousands if not millions of people, a social standing, connections with the public and outreach While other forms of communication channels offers all of the above, the use of internet and social media platforms have given another metric by which these influencers are judged: followers.

The more people who view, read or hear about a person and his or her opinions, the more followers that social media influencer has. A single post or a video is then viewed by these followers. Social media makes the following metrics presented in numbers and thus, allow people to know the real influence a personality can make.

Influence Grid

For firms and organizations that are looking for social media influencers, they face a few issues:

  • Local Influencers: Today’s online world is borderless. Top influencers can have followers from all over the world and might not fit the profile a firm seeks in terms of local followers.
  • Resources: Like HR, where the talent hunting team has built years of contacts and have different platforms where they can seek out the right person to fill vacancies, finding social media influencers can be very difficult.
  • Right Influencer: As influencers grow, so do their payment plans. An influencer may at first seem the right choice to be hired, but having can have a higher following, causing the demand of the follower to be too high to be affordable.

TIkTok is the latest social media platform that has taken the world by storm. It allows any user to make short videos on just about any topic. The meteoric rise of the platform has not gone unnoticed. Organizations and people who want to promote their products have turned towards the users with a large following to have their products and services placed in different ways. From paying the user to use their product to simply having their company’s logo as a watermark or printed on the T-shirt being worn, TikTok is making its mark.

Find TikTok Influencers Now

Influence Grid is a platform that helps forms and individuals find the right influencer that fits their needs. The website has TikTok influencers listed from all over the globe. People interested in hiring the influencers can use the Influence Grid with ease.

The website has a panel on the left where certain parameters, such as the country of the influencers, and any specific keyword can be given to find an influencer that is just the right fit. Users also have the chance to select the number of followers the influencer should have. This is especially important as higher followers will always translate out to higher price and having a lower following will not convert into the right number of sales required. Other parameters include the median views of the influencer and engagement rate.

Influence Grid will then create a list of TikTok influencers that the user can browse through and select the one that is most suitable.  Influence Grid has an extensive list and has influencers listed from nearly every country in the world.

Influence Grid Charges

Influence Grid is a very economical TikTok influencer listing service. The platform has three different packages that can suit a variety of people and organizations:

  • Freelancer: For $30 a month, users have access to unlimited searches to find their preferred influencer, a follower count filter and can export up to 100 influencers per month.
  • Team: A mid-level package, the package has all of the Freelancer package services, but this time the export limit is raised to 500 influencers per month. Additional filters and parameters during the search include engagement rate filter, video views and social/email filters. The package carries a price tag of $60.
  • Business: Users get all of the Team services and for $150 a month, the influencer export data limit is raised to 1500.

Influence Grid is an excellent service that allows users to find the right TikTok influencer to promote, endorse or influence people into using their products and convert into sales.

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