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The Brilliant Minds Behind ProServeIT

The word “enable” is generally defined as “to provide with the means or opportunity.” In this sense, it speaks of providing potential. To enable in this way is to give someone a tool.


There is another definition for “enable,” however, that is tied to the world of technology. When it comes to computing, “to enable” means “to activate.” It is not just providing a tool; it is activating the tool.


ProServeIT stands out in the world of information technology because it focuses on making technology a true business enabler. The work it does for its clients goes beyond simply providing tech tools — it activates technology in a way that allows businesses to achieve new levels of productivity.


“Modern IT encompasses much more than servers and networks,” says Eric Sugar, President at ProServeIT. “It needs to be considered as part of a broader technology framework to effectively become a business enabler. Technology strategy has to be part of an overall business strategy.”


ProServeIT, which is headquartered in Canada, is a multi-award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner. It specializes in a comprehensive focus on managed services, custom software development, and technology consulting services. Since launching in 2002, it has helped companies of all sizes in all industries to leverage technology in a way that provides a competitive advantage.


An all-encompassing IT solution provider

One of the central beliefs of ProServeIT is that technology should be part of a business’s overall strategy, not just an afterthought or add-on. To accomplish this, the ProServeIT team assists its clients in building a comprehensive technology roadmap. From designing infrastructures that are reliable and scalable, to ensuring that systems have a solid adoption plan and effective end-user support, ProServeIT enables its clients to optimize their workforce.


Eric has been with ProServeIT since its inception. With over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, he knows what it takes to develop and deploy a solid technology framework. However, he also knows that success requires more than tools. Whether it’s helping his employees remove roadblocks, educating customers on how various technologies can make their jobs and their lives better, or instructing leaders on the importance of corporate and personal cybersecurity, Eric always takes a people-centric approach to his role.


“At ProServeIT, we put people first, treating people the way that we, ourselves, would like to be treated,” Eric explains. “No matter which member of our team you interact with, our guarantee is that you’re always going to be met with compassion, understanding, and a genuine desire to assist you in getting to the solutions you need to be successful.”


This “People Matter” approach, a core component of ProServeIT’s values, has inspired Eric to look beyond the service he is providing in today’s business world. As the father of three young daughters, Eric is also committed to seeing future generations succeed. He has spearheaded several initiatives with grade schools in his area that introduce children to the wonders of technology. He is also a big supporter of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and actively participates in many of its annual fundraising activities.


Flexible, innovative, and adaptable

Staying people-centric means acknowledging that there are no one-size-fits-all tech solutions. Each client has unique needs. To ensure it can find solutions for those needs, ProServeIT is committed to being flexible. In fact, one of its core values is “Be Like Gumby.”


“Like the versatile and supple character from the ’50s and ’60s, flexibility is our middle name,” explains Jaime McMahon, Chief Technology Officer at ProServeIT. “Our skilled and talented employees are flexible, innovative, and adaptable people. Like Gumby, we love stretching our imaginations to come up with solutions that fit unique needs and requirements. Our mission is to find the perfect fit when it comes to technology, enabling our clients to unlock their digital future.”


Jamie’s 20-year journey in the technology field has allowed him to work with both enterprises and small businesses to fuel growth through digital transformation. He is known as a technology pro who orchestrates solutions by combining a deep technical background with an understanding of the practical challenges that businesses face. His success has earned him invitations to speak on technology solutions throughout North America at events hosted by Microsoft, Facebook, and VMware.


Jamie brings his passion for democratizing technology to ProServeIT. He knows that organizations that see technology as cost-centric will be hesitant to fully commit to implementing it. To ensure that technology is used to its fullest potential, Jamie works diligently to help clients see IT as a strategic enabler that is tied to business outcomes.


“Every business leader wants to make informed, insightful decisions that drive productivity and profitability,” Jamie says. “When technology is designed and deployed right, it enables those kinds of decisions. By using technology to collect and analyze data, businesses can identify areas for improvement and optimize their workforce. Those are the kinds of moves that take businesses to the next level. That is the kind of progress that ProServeIT enables.”

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