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“ The best platforms for paying freelancers”

Are you a freelancer? Or do you work for US companies and wanted to get paid? But are you still confused to pick one payment platform from all? Well, no worries because in this article you will have a brief description of all the best platforms from where freelancers get paid. So, stick with us and find out which platform is good for you. 

You all know how quickly freelancers are positioned in the world. It becomes so such a wide field that every person tends to learn about freelancers.  And they haven’t stopped working, they still growing and continue to build a freelancer community. 

They are working around the whole world, especially in the outbreak of COVID-19, when all physical work is blocked and just the freelancers are the ones who are still earning and enjoying their work. At that time, freelancing gets its peak and companies are hiring more and more freelancers to complete their workload. 

This is the online field and must require some online platform like a free Payoneer from which the freelancers get paid or you can choose another. There are numerous apps for payment but few are the best ones, which you can also try and get your pay. So, let’s try to figure out how many platforms are available for a freelancer to use. 

Top apps for receiving the money

Getting a good payment app is nearly as vital as finding a job, whether you work on Upwork or Fiverr. It is onto you how you are earning but the app must be verified to get paid. Continue reading to learn which payment method is best for you and to get all of your questions answered.


Most freelancers are certainly familiar with PayPal because it is the preferred method of payment. It enables you to send money online, receive money worldwide, and purchase offers. It is secure, simple to use, and well-guarded. Although you may link your bank account to PayPal to make withdrawals, you don’t need to sign up for an account to accept payments. Your name, email address, phone number, and a valid form of identification are all that PayPal needs. You are all set for the payment! 


Every company or organization may use the financial services provided by Stripe, an online payment platform. Its easy-to-integrate API (application programming interface) for the websites of small and large organizations and it is a most alluring feature. Despite being primarily designed to provide services to corporations, Stripe also provides its services to individuals. You can separately use this app and if you have a large community to pay then you can also do this by using the stripe app. 


One of the most secure internet payment systems is definitely escrow for a freelancer. It is a third-party platform used to organize transactions and transfer and receive money between buyers and sellers.

When a freelancer and a customer reach an agreement or contract using Escrow, the client sends money to Escrow. Escrow then distributes the cash to the seller once the freelancer completes the task and the customer accepts it. Escrow serves as the payment system for up work. They have other multiple features as well. It facilitates the customers and the buyers themselves and satisfies both the buyer and the sellers. 


Freelancers adore its excellent user interface since it is simple to use and navigate. A $3 fee is charged by Payoneer for each transaction. It establishes a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50 and a $100,000 monthly withdrawal cap. Before picking Payoneer as your chosen payment platform, make sure your nation is supported by it. It offers its services to over 150 countries. 

The second most widely used payment app for both companies and freelancers is Payoneer, which was created in 2005. Payoneer is a secure and reliable platform that enables you to accept payments from abroad, send money abroad, and withdraw cash whenever it’s convenient for you. You simply need a valid form of identity, your mobile number, and an email address to establish a Payoneer account.


In this article, many popular apps are mentioned that are basically for the use of freelancers. Those who want their payment online without any kind of fees can use these kinds of apps. They can do the transaction any time they want to pay. These apps are free to use and verified apps without any fraud. Another website that allows payments are fake so try to avoid them.

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