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Payment Integration Process Simplified By Open Platform

The most popular solution until now has been Bitpay which was started in the year 2011 as an invoicing platform, allowing the businesses to spend, store, and bill the customers in Bitcoins. Bitpay has been used worldwide by the merchants as a means for exchanging the cryptocurrecy – Bitcoin – for the services and goods. However, the crypto market is increasing and there are some limitations of Bitpay that prevent this application from being a great solution:

  • Bitpay accepts only Bitcoins as the payment, ruling out a large part of the crypto users who holds other altcoins and ERC-20 tokens.
  • As Bitpay is an invoicing solution, it can handle simple and one-time transactions only.
  • Bitpaydoesn’t automatically communicate with the backend of the application as it doesn’t have the infrastructure, which simply makes it impossible to facilitate the instant transactions inside games and applications at scale.


Bitpay was innovative when it was created but it is not versatile for today’s market. There is a need of something that is more than just an invoicing platform – a crypto payment gateway which is comprehensive and can handle more than just simple and one-time transactions. The first decentralized payment platform for all the applications that want to get integrated with blockchain technology is called OPEN Platform. OPEN Platform is differentiated from Bitpay and other lesser known platforms for payments as it is versatile. OPEN will be able to acceptpractically any cryptocurrency due to the nature of their blockchain agnostic platform.

OPEN Platform is truly innovative as it seamlessly integrates the payment gateway into the games and applications. There are just some lines of code which help developers in tying OPEN Platform into the existing and new programs without having to know some new blockchain based programming languages like Solidity. So, every developer can, regardless of their knowledge of blockchain, use this platform for the acceptance of the cryptocurrency payments for purposes like monthly subscriptions, online purchases, and in-app microtransactions.

There is an important thing to notice and that is that OPEN Platform does not have its relevance restricted only to in-app purchases. It can easily handle the one-on-one transactions between the merchants and users for all the online sales. The versatility of the platform can be extended to any operation that requires a payment gateway.


Bitpay has played its role in helping people see the cryptocurrencies value. However, this community is very different now than it used to be in the year 2011 and that’s why a more comprehensive solution for the payments is needed. OPEN is a solution that can be implemented in any case that will enable the cryptocurrencies to actually be used as currencies. Unlike Bitpay, OPEN can reach the complete crypto market and not only to Bitcoin. The blockchain agnostic technology of this platform provides the flexibility to the developers for the acceptance of the payments over different blockchains which allows the customers to pay altcoins or bitcoins. So, endless opportunities can be implemented to the crypto payments and OPEN is a new smart solution to the payments.

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