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The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Your Business


Cloud computing has been rising in popularity for quite some time. Cloud computing

helps small and large businesses to operate using cloud-based hardware and software solutions.

Cloud computing helps businesses maximize productivity, reduce cost and gain access to important data from any location. These are just a few of the benefits that will be discussed here. 

If you are thinking about using cloud computing solutions but are still on the fence, here are some of the best reasons why you should make the switch today.

Increase Flexibility and Collaboration

Cloud Computing offers your business amazing flexibility. No matter what industry you are in and what you need to do for your business you are likely to find some cloud-based computing solutions that can help things to work more efficiently.

 You are probably familiar with some cloud computing that can manage inventory, do order tracking and make point-of-sale purchases. Two popular examples are, Shopify and WooCommerce.

If you have team members you can also add them to these applications, so that they can manage your customer profiles and update inventory manually when necessary.

 There are also team collaboration apps available that you and your staff can use to collaborate on projects wherever you are in the world. Some of them then you will have to pay for and some like, Slack are free. No matter what you choose when you are using cloud computing solutions you’ll find flexibility.

Cloud Computing Offers Scalability

If you have a small business now, you probably want to grow in the future. When you are in this situation it is important to have a software and hardware infrastructure in place that will grow with you.

When you use cloud computing solutions for your business you’re able to create virtual desktops for your employees. You can create these desktops to suit your needs at any given time. 

For example, if you have three employees you can create virtual desktops for them. However, as soon as you begin to employ more people you can easily create virtual desktops for them.

The ability to create virtual desktops for your team is one of the biggest selling points of cloud computing. It reduces your need to buy computers and software for individual machines.

This is what is meant by scalability. You can expand your need for cloud computing services when you need them and not before. This ability puts you in control of how much you want to spend on cloud computing at any point in time. You can downsize or scale down your cloud computing needs as necessary. 

The use of cloud computing also means that employees can use their own devices. If you use cloud computing solutions and require your employees to use their own devices, you may want to consider giving them a smarty unlimited data plan. 

This will make it easy for them to continue working while on the road. It will also be a nice incentive to keep employees happy since they will be using their personal devices and not a company device.

Your employees will be able to log into their desktop from anywhere and from several devices. 

This increases productivity because workers can work on the go. They can even work from home because they will have access to their desktops. 

The ability to log in and pick up on work anywhere they left off without having to physically come into the office is one of the major reasons why cloud computing makes employees more productive and speeds up the growth of your business.

Data Security

Cybersecurity threats are very real. The risk increases when you have your business data stored on different computers in your office. 

One of the benefits of using cloud computing is that all your information is stored in a centralized location. The centralization allows you to maximize the security of your data.

It is a known fact that many businesses are destroyed because data is stolen by cybercriminals. Some businesses take months to recover and others do not recover at all. 

Even if you do recover it can cast a negative shadow over your interactions with customers and even suppliers. If people feel that their data and information is not safe with you then they may not want to do business with you.

Most cloud computing services offer data backup solutions and restoration points for your business data. They also put preventative measures in place to ensure that should cyber criminals try to access your data you will be immediately notified and they will take action to prevent it.

If a member of your staff with a virtual desktop loses a device that they have been working on, you can easily change the password of their virtual desktop. 

Similarly, if an employee leaves your organization you can delete their profile from the system, preventing them from having access to any more information about your company. The bottom line is that security is made easier when you use cloud computing solutions.

Create a Remote Workforce

One of the best things about cloud computing is that you can create an entirely remote workforce. By creating a remote workforce you can get talent from anywhere in the world. This means that you are not limited only to the people in your locality.

Being able to employ people from anywhere in the world with high skill levels is beneficial for the growth of any business. 

Reduces the Need for an IT Department

One thing that should be becoming obvious by now is that when you invest in cloud computing you will not have much use for an IT department. This is because most cloud computing services offer their own technical support.  

Often this technical support is on a twenty-four-hour basis. This type of Managed IT service reduces the need for you to have an IT department especially if you are a small business. 

Having one less department to deal with means you can focus the resources of your business in other directions so that you can experience growth faster than you would otherwise.

While the ability to do without an IT department is one of the major benefits of using cloud computing services, there are times when you still need to maintain a smaller IT department. However, if you do decide to go this route it means that your IT department will have less to deal with.

Company data and information will be in a centralized location. It is always easier to manage data that is centralized. This means that your IT department can focus on helping you with the processes that will see your business expanding and not be focused on dealing with software and hardware problems that arise.

Access Affordable Software

One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is a fact that you get to save a lot of money. You will also get access to software that you may otherwise not be able to afford if you were to buy them individually as a business.

Cloud computing allows you to access not only desktop-as-a-service but software-as-a-service as well. This means that you can get access for a monthly fee to software that you may otherwise not have been able to afford if you had to purchase them for installation on several devices in your business.

The low upfront cost and overheads that you will have when you switch to the cloud make it ideal for small businesses that are looking to save money so that they channel funds into other areas of their business.

The Benefits In a Glance

If you’re still on the fence about cloud computing you shouldn’t be. The pros outlined here far outweigh any cons. Cloud computing gives you the flexibility you need to add tools when you need them. 

You can also expand your use of the service whenever it becomes necessary. Scalability is perhaps one of the best benefits that is derived from using a cloud-based computing system.

 The ability to access the data you need at any given time at a low cost makes cloud computing an attractive option. You will also be able to centralize your business processes. 

This makes it easier for you to function should there be any sort of data crisis in your business. If you have a tech team they will be better able to prepare for any type of cybercrime activity that can wipe out your data at any given time. Your IT team can also focus on leveraging the technology and the software that you are gaining from cloud computing instead of having to deal with fixing hardware and software problems.

If you are a small business you may find that you do not even need a tech team since your cloud computing services may be managed by your provider. As you can see there is a lot to be gained and little to lose, so using cloud computing is something to consider for business growth.

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