The Beepo Web3 App Officially Closes BETA Version 

As of the 20th of December 2022, Beepo officially closes the BETA version updates of the decentralized application.

A few months ago, a blockchain startup from West Africa- Beepo Inc -announced the development of their Multi-chain social media platform which is said to be revolutionary as it would innovate and change how existing Web2 and Web3 social media platforms would be seen. 

The development of the application has advanced ever since and has almost reached completion. The app features a multi-chain crypto wallet, a Web3 browser, an instant messaging chat function, and many other features for consumers and businesses, prioritizing privacy, combating censorship and centralization, and enforcing a truly decentralized system.

With the app, users can easily make crypto transactions, browse decentralized apps (DAPPs) and make B2B and B2C transactions without the involvement of a third-party application.

Most Recent Partnerships

Since the beginning of the project, the Beepo team has been able to establish partnerships with some top-tier organizations. Beepo’s partner organizations include but are not limited to the following; 

Current Update 

Currently, the Beepo management has completed their BETA version and will be set to launch by early 2023.  The BETA Version of the application offers users a P2P chat function and blockchain wallet transactions feature.

With the P2P chat function, users can easily send and receive instant messages. It also integrates the blockchain wallet feature so that transactions can be easily made straight from direct messaging. 

The BETA version also integrates multi-chain support, making it easy to make asset transfer with multiple blockchains. 

The Beepo management will roll out the remaining features of the Beepo app come early 2023. The team and management have a lot in store come 2023 and are excited to roll out their latest updates to users.

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