Beepo Blockchain based Social Networking Application appointed Gopesh Khandelwal as an Advisor on Board

“Helping scale internet businesses is my passion. Shortly after I met Michael, CEO of the Beepo App who aims of solving problems with users’ privacy, security, and data breach. I become passionate about his projects to change the messaging and networking space with an innovative approach. The opportunity to build a safe and user-friendly social media platform is great and incredibly motivating,” says Gopesh Khandelwal, Co-Founder of GROCKET Venture.

As of 30th September, A decentralized social networking community, BEEPO, has appointed Gopesh Khandelwal as its advisor on board to nurture and promote safe social media networking and assemble a safe and supportive ecosystem for users. As well as infusing capital support.

His expertise is envisioned to bring new endeavors to enhance public awareness about the significance of using blockchain in the future by committing too many successful crypto projects with exchanges.

Gopesh Khandelwal has experience of more than 6 years and has worked on a comprehensive brand portfolio across corporate, tech, luxury, retail, fashion, hospitality, interior, and digital clients. He is a contributing author at CNBC TV18 and is an expert in online branding, social media, and cryptocurrency marketing. His reputation precedes him and he is well known for his assertive marketing tactics in digital media.


About Beepo App:

Initiated in March 2022,  Beepo, a decentralized messaging app, will secure all chats with blockchain encryption. This means that people will now be able to safely and promptly share funds with family or clientele, access their preferred decentralized blockchain applications, browse online catalogs, and make high-priority B2B and B2C transactions without any third-party involvement.

Beepo is an open-core messaging platform with a mobile interface and AI/ML algorithms that allow users to communicate with decentralized applications powered by the supported blockchain networks. Utilizing its ecosystem token $Beep, Beepo can bridge the web2 and web3 technology and is built on secure architectures via end-to-end encryption technologies. This application is created to solve problems with privacy, security, and data breach.

This application will solve one of the key hardships a lot of people face with developing a social media account, i.e, PRIVACY. With the centralized system being culpable of collecting multiple data from the users, Beepo works to handle this problem by not demanding any personal data to assemble an account. 

Beepo also helps the public in simplifying the intricacy that comes while making crypto and cross-border transactions. It eases the complex technique by merging a crypto wallet with an instant messaging social app. This helps the new users in avoiding the laborious cycle of opening multiple wallets to make trades. 

This simplified procedure can be easily dealt with using The Beepo app. It is a user-friendly application function with three simple steps:

  1. Download the app 
  2. Save your Login Seed Phrase 
  3. Log in to Your Account

    Some more Features:


    Instant Messaging

Beepo, like more centralized messaging social networks such as WhatsApp and Telegram, provides instant messaging features with the added benefit of blockchain security. Messages are encrypted using cryptographic keys and can only be decrypted once they reach the endpoint device. This way, no third party can pry into or alter private messages

  • Social Finance (SocialFi) 

SocialFi is a brew of social networks and decentralized finance. Users’ data on social networking sites like Beepo is dispersed across a wave of community-maintained nodes, thereby protecting it from any central authority that would sell it to advertising.

  • ECommerce 

When users change their account types from standard to professional via the App User profile settings, Beepo adds a sales catalog that can only be activated then. Small company owners can effortlessly make sales through chat without accessing any third-party applications thanks to this feature. Privacy and security are not an area of concern since this app is built on blockchain technology.

  • DApp Browser

This application includes a DApp browser through which users can access a variety of decentralized applications. DApps are also resistant to censorship. This essentially means that users are not bound to a central authority and can express themselves freely without fear of repercussions. 

To add to its usefulness, users can rest assured that any information endorsing child pornography, cyberbullying, terrorism, rape, and the like is not permitted thanks to the system’s integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

  • Media

Users of Beepo can easily share files. The Beepo staff cannot access user data because of end-to-end encryption. Join Beepo Waitlist for participation and beta testing. 

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