Test And Opinion: Poooli, A Mini Portable Printer Without Ink

The Poooli printer is an innovative small portable photo printer. When it comes to the print performance factor, i.e. the quality of the images it can print on paper, this printer has a positive rating.

The print resolution of this pocket printer is very good, with values ​​that reach 200 to 300 DPI, but as we will see below it is necessary to use a particular type of photographic paper. We also add that the result of the impression depends on the quality of the shot, a point that will be reflected in the feedback from users since opinions on the subject are not all converging.

Connectivity and Ports

When it comes to the ports and connections factor, the pocket printer uses quite advanced technology for outputting the print.

The Poooli printer works exclusively via Bluetooth, so it is a model that was created primarily to be connected to tablets and smartphones. Polaroid ZIP’s Bluetooth technology is 4.0, so sending the file will be very fast, but only available for Android and iOS.

We can also pair this inkless pocket printer with our devices using Bluetooth and WIFI technology, so we only have to bring the smartphone or tablet to the printer without having to perform the manual pairing process.

Paper handling

The instruction manual does not specify whether the Poooli printer can be used with different types of photographic paper and only indicates the use of Zink paper. This type of paper, in fact, aligns perfectly with the type of printing of the Poooli, which does not use ink to reproduce the images. This is Zero Ink technology (without using ink) which, combined with the supplied Zink Paper, allows printing without the use of ink or toner cartridges for laser printers.

Printing with the inkless pocket printer follows a special process: it emits heat by activating the chromatic crystals of the special Zink paper so that the image is printed without stains and with high resolution.

The print size is satisfying, as this mini printer does not produce photos larger than an ATM. The exact dimensions are 48mm / 1.9 inch. We can always choose to print the whole image or keep a white border as a frame.

Weight and body structure

Speaking of structure, the Poooli stands out positively. One of the strengths of this printer is its compact size: it is so small that it fits in a jacket pocket. In detail, its dimensions are 3.25*3.25*1.5 inches, and reduced weight of only 170g grams. We also remember that there are no toners or cartridges to change and that to use it just insert the photographic paper.

However, even though it is less bulky and light than its rival Selphy, the Poooli printers do not have a monitor to handle printing. This is completely normal and prints exclusively via Bluetooth devices, so the image and any print selection is done via smartphones and tablets. You have to download an app (Poooli app) from Playstore or App store for printing your favorite stickers, photos, drawings, etc.

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