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Tech Innovations Disrupting And Advancing The Gaming Industry: Interview with Lucas Stolze, CEO at ExitLag.

Gaming Industry Tech Innovations

From data trafficking optimization using artificial intelligence to multi-path connections with simultaneous activation, ExitLag is a must-have gaming accessory to enhance and improve game players’ experiences all around the globe. In this interview with TechBullion, Lucas Stolze, CEO at ExitLag share his perspective on the biggest problems facing the gaming industry and the future of gaming.

Since our last conversation, are there any exciting updates you’d like to share? For our new followers, can you give us a brief refresher on what ExitLag is?

ExitLag is a gaming accessory that provides players with an enhanced gaming experience. Using AI and proprietary technology, ExitLag stabilizes game connection while also improving the way players and games communicate. We recently started the closed beta test for ExitLag’s mobile solution, and we are already present in over 180 countries helping players on android devices have a better experience.

What gaming technology trends do you think will shape the industry in 2023 and why?

I think the expansion of 5G technology across the globe will bring a lot of mobility to the gaming industry, so I expect that mobile gaming will be even more present in 2023. Also, artificial reality experiences will start to bring a new level of gameplay to many games and devices boosting the gaming industry even further. We’ll see more engagement from players as new technology expands target audiences and increase the target audience market (TAM). This will open the door to new revenue streams for existing companies, boosting their product development even further.

How do you envision the overall future of gaming for 2023 and beyond? What will change? What is here to stay?

Gaming is expected to continue growing with a more competitive scene and mainstream media adoption. I believe the college scene in the U.S. will continue to grow and I expect to be supporting college e-sports competitions shortly. We’re seeing younger kids with a keen interest and easy access to watching e-sports more than regular sports. This demographic is highly sought-after, and we continue to see a battle over viewers between social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. As this industry grows, we’re seeing bigger audiences which leads to bigger investments and revenue generated from ads. Additionally, colleges are looking to attract bright minds, leading to a rise in scholarships for e-sports players.

Moreover, mobile is also going to fuel the gaming scenery with technologies like 5G and ExitLag both of which will enhance the gaming experience even further on mobile devices. Mobile offers gamers many benefits compared to PC and console including accessibility, lowest cost entrance barrier, and games are generally free, only paying for extra content.

What do you think is the most important tech innovation disrupting and advancing the gaming industry?

I believe two great technologies will technologies technologiestechnologies that will disrupt the gaming industry. First, 5G connections will allow people to enjoy new online experiences on mobile devices with faster speeds and better connections. Second, I think cloud gaming is going to be an interesting technology to watch as it will decrease entry costs for high-quality gaming titles that demand expensive hardware. ExitLag is aligned with both technologies to enhance their capabilities and provide gamers with the best experience possible.

What makes a good gaming experience? What do gamers appreciate the most?

A good gaming experience is being able to enjoy and play the game to the best of your ability without external interference. I think that would be a major aspect of quality gameplay time. That is why we created ExitLag. We wanted people to have a gaming accessory to support that. Having friends and people to play with can also make the gaming experience even more enjoyable especially as new games require teamwork and the ability to communicate with others to win.

With specific reference to opportunities NFTs, Metaverse, and AI bring to the gaming industry, what advice can you offer businesses and investors venturing into this industry?

 I think all new technologies bring great opportunities. Metaverse and AI are expected to change the way gaming is perceived today and offer a much more in-depth experience to players. I think they are the future, and it will be exciting to see how some of those technologies advance gaming beyond its limits. For ExitLag, we expect this to also lead to a higher demand for connection stability, especially as the gaming experience continues to evolve and become more focused on real-time experiences.

Do you have any available opportunities for investors and partnerships at ExitLag?

Yes, we are always looking for partnerships to bring our technology forward and solve major problems. There is a great road ahead of us and it is always helpful to have great partners along the way. ExitLag is a bootstrap company with a very healthy situation, but investors can bring a lot of expertise and industry connections to boost our growth even further, so we are always open to connecting.

What is next on your timeline and roadmap, do you have more information for our readers today?

Our mobile launch is coming soon and we hope to have it as a Christmas gift for the gaming industry. It will be a gaming-changing accessory. There are big challenges ahead for 2023 as well. We are working on a new product. I can’t reveal much but do expect surprises from ExitLag.

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