Expert Reveals What Gaming Will Look Like in Five Years: Interview With Lucas Stolze, managing director of ExitLag.


Lucas Stolze is the managing director of ExitLag, a software designed to help gamers around the world improve their connection and gaming experience. He is an excellent source on gaming topics and has some real ideas to share with us about the future of the industry in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Lucas Skowronski Stolze and I’m 28. I think friends and family would describe me as calm, dedicated, and driven, as I’m constantly striving to improve in every area of my life. I focus a lot of energy on overall self-improvement as it’s a passion. I would say I’m a people person, overall.  I am also fascinated with technology, gaming, travel, reading, and e-sports.

What is ExitLag and what unique solutions do you provide?

ExitLag is a must-have gaming accessory that allows gamers around the globe to embrace an elevated gaming experience through our proprietary multipath technology developed from scratch by gamers for gamers. ExitLag’s software helps online gamers connect with their beloved games using an optimized route, adding stability and latency reduction to their connections.

About the gaming industry, how big is this industry and what is the current global market size?

The gaming industry has been in a constant growth cycle and it amazes me to see all the new technologies launched each day. With nearly 3 billion gamers worldwide (an impressive number, to be sure) the Gaming industry is at a pace to be a $200 billion industry. I feel blessed and excited to be a part of such an interesting and booming industry.

What are the most common connection issues gamers are facing today?

Lag is the biggest issue, hands down. It causes a delay in communication between player and game. Jitter, which feels like hiccups on the connection is also an issue.  Packet loss is also a huge issue because it causes significant damage and information loss. ExitLag tackles all three of these problems.

Who are your services at ExitLag for and how are you helping gamers improve their connection and gaming experience?

Our product allows online gamers to improve their connection, preventing problems from arising. ExitLag is available in 190 countries!

Tell us more about Lag in gaming, how do you get rid of lag, what are the benefits, could you give us a walkthrough of how this works at ExitLag?

Lag can really affect the nature of real time communication between player and game.  ExitLag’s software operates in the background as you play, allowing communication packets to travel through the fastest routes possible in the most optimized way. The analogy that I like to use goes something like this: ExitLag is like a toll road with less traffic than the highways and better maintained roads.  

On the evolution of gaming, what other gaming trends should we look out for and what do you think gaming will look like in five years?

The e-sports trend will continue to grow with more mainstream media adoption. As immersive technology advances, I think we will see a lot more competition on immersive games, too.

What is your vision at ExitLag to shape the future of online gaming, any available opportunities for investors and partnerships?

Yes, ExitLag is always open minded to new partners and looking to expand our reach. We are on a mission to bring fairness to online gaming, ensuring players have the best experience possible while gaming. Especially with the new National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), I think this will be a great way to give talents opportunities in D1 schools similar to how it occurs in physical sports. We also see a lot of potential for ExitLag to collaborate with game publishers, so they can help their communities directly.  

Do you have more information to share with our readers today on gaming and ExitLag?

ExitLag will soon release our mobile solution, which is very exciting. This will allow players to use their smartphones and utilize our incredible software while gaming anywhere.  

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