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Taking Inspiration From Her Father’s Artwork, Dr. Kasia Sterriker Today Became A Well Renowned environmental Artist

Ever since the beginning of time, many artists all across the world have used nature and the environment around us as their subjects and sources of inspiration. What was once a celebration of man’s deep connection to nature, however, has changed into an urgent language that expresses the grave state of our planet’s environment. This explains the origin of certain additional minds referred to as environmental painters.

Environmental artists played a significant role in depicting mother nature for a very long time. There are several well-renowned artists who have shown their amazing art to the world such as Dr. Kasia Sterriker. In addition to her bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he also has two PhDs, one in environmental engineering and the other in landscape architecture.

She is well known for her environmental art and bonsai work. She has created patentable materials for her former university while working as a lecturer there. She even managed infrastructure projects for town and city planning, interior and exterior design, and re-modeling of homes for wealthy and well-known individuals throughout the capitals of Europe.

By working hard and remaining determined, she shaped her own destiny. According to her, creating environmental art entails more than just building work that is pertinent to the topic at hand and fitting neatly into a predetermined category. 

Her father and his bonsai artwork served as her inspiration. With a background in botany, bonsai, and education, he has also been a radio and TV personality for a number of years, hosting shows about the environment, bonsai, and botany. She grew up in a home with glass houses and plant nurseries adjacent to it.

She was surrounded by specimens of plants and trees, gardening, and early access to the far-eastern arts of miniature landscapes, which featured outstanding examples of bonsai and related art forms. Her green surroundings, which inspire her to care about the environment, are the genesis of many of her ideas, which artistically have now evolved way beyond the conventional world of Bonsai.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @dr_kasia_sterriker

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