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Suraj Beera Becomes One Of The Youngest Indian Artist To Reach A Million Followers On Instagram

Beera Andrew Suraj, 23 mostly known worldwide as Suraj Beera is one of the youngest artists from India to cross a million followers on Instagram.  His new albums “Enter my World” and “Travel is my Soul” are creating new records on Spotify.

Music is a passion that ignites a desire to love, and a desire to travel. Suraj Beera took this as an interest to create a new definition for music and travel. He is fondly called “ Andrew” by many of his crew members at music and creators as it is his middle name.

Beera stresses the importance of travel and how it helps create new boundaries interlinked by music. Alongside being featured on the Times Square billboards for Spotify artists for his groundbreaking single “Nights of Serenity” and “Romance in Sunset” , he has created numerous cinematic travel films of Venice, Dubai, New York, Positano, India with a blend of music which is now going viral on Instagram on his handle @surajbeera which now has more than a million followers.

He always says that travel is the soul of his music and inspires him to make music and make new content. He also says Instagram Reels is an excellent platform for artists to make their music reach out worldwide and encourage different classes of audience.

His new album “Travel is my soul” which was released in June is now breaking new records on Spotify, Amazon and Apple music. He says many close friends  call him by his middle name, Andrew which is quite known to a few. Speaking about his future projects and music he says,

he’s excited for more releases for his fans in the upcoming months.

He also is an avid entrepreneur and a green warrior for preserving trees and nature. Suraj Beera and his team of friends planted more than 1500 trees in his city Rajahmundry to celebrate the release of his new single and reaching a million followers on Instagram. He says climate change is happening and it is the time to promote sustainable travel and more planting of trees.

You can find more of his music on :

Instagram(@surajbeera) :


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