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Study abroad | Discover why it is your best decision

Study abroad

The decision to embark on the adventure of a study trip is not always easy. But we assure you that studying abroad is the opportunity that all young people need to experiment, get out of their comfort zone and continue developing social and technical skills, as well as academic skills. 

However, we also know that there is a path that you should explore before taking a plane. Here we give you a few reasons, benefits and some tips for you to decide to undertake this great feat. Dare to study abroad, but not before reading everything we have to tell you!

Reasons to study abroad

There are many reasons that can get you to make this trip abroad in order to study, grow professionally and get a fresh air. From the experience of our team of young influencers, we already tell you the reasons that we have put together to convince you why you should study abroad:

1. You will learn a new language

If you decide, for example, to study on an exchange, we recommend that you visit a country where your native language is not spoken. Thus, you will have the opportunity to quickly learn a new language, at the same time that you practice it daily.

Cultural exchange can be a determining factor in your character as a person and in the quality of your work. Everyone wants a bilingual in their work team! For example, to study English abroad, you can take into account countries like Australia, the United States, Canada, England or New Zealand, which are considered excellent destinations to learn this language. 

2. You will have friends from many places

When you find yourself in a country other than yours and among so many people, you will surely make new friends. Little by little, these will become your closest chosen family and your relationship with them will be increasingly solid.

In fact, if you live with more people, your roommates could be those first siblings on the road and, in the long run, in life. Also, these international friends can be an incredible support if you decide to try your luck after studying and working abroad.

3. You will know another way of learning

Teaching strategies and the learning process occur in a different way from country to country. For this reason, when you study abroad, you will have the opportunity to get to know an educational system different from yours that, at the same time, will broaden your perspective regarding the area you decide to study.

Some countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are renowned for their quality education systems and the learning experience they provide for each student. Consider these countries if you are looking for universities abroad! 

4. You will develop your global perception

When you leave your country, you will have the space to learn about other cultures, because you will experience them firsthand. Your vision of the rest of the world will be renewed and you will be able to understand it from the mind of a global citizen, willing to discover different corners of the planet.

This broad understanding of the world is a key factor in aspiring to better jobs, as it develops empathy, tolerance and respect for others. Are you ready to be a citizen of the world? 

5. You will grow in many ways

The experience of studying abroad, in addition to being extremely important at an academic level, is perfect for getting to know yourself. You will take advantage of your strengths and work to improve your weaknesses.

Also, you will learn what solo living is all about, you will be more independent and you will develop many skills while you develop in a new place. 

Benefits of studying abroad

The benefits of studying abroad are closely linked to the reasons for leaving your country. Well, the truth is that the benefits are too many, so going out there will only bring you profit!

1. Studying abroad will strengthen your self-esteem.

For some, leaving home will not be easy at all. At first, you may find yourself anxious and full of stress, but little by little you will find meaning in all that each of us has experienced when leaving the nest.

Step by step you will build a stronger and more capable character. And so you will be ready to face the world with confidence and high self-esteem (just what you need to fit in anywhere in the world). 

2. You will stimulate your cognitive abilities every day.

Cognitive abilities are the ones that are responsible for processing all the information that you are acquiring over time and, finally, set all the information to cause true learning.

By studying abroad and in an English-speaking country, for example, you will be able to stimulate each of these capacities every day. You will exercise your brain even without realizing it! 

3. Studying abroad gives you a better resume

If you leave your country and study abroad with a prestigious educational system, your resume will have immense weight. For employers, the fact that an applicant has international training is an absolute: “YAAAS!”. 

As we mentioned before, an international student stimulates their social skills, their empathy and reinforces their sense of inclusion, so it is ideal to work in a team and quickly adapt to a new work environment. 

4. You will be able to do tourism and learn more.

Tourism is not only about making random visits to popular places, it is also about exploring, immersing yourself in new cultures and learning about the history of emblematic spaces for an entire country. 

5. You will truly recognize and value your own culture.

Being in a new country is ideal to learn to appreciate the culture of the place you come from. Finding yourself in the middle of a foreign society will make you feel more aware of your culture and will fill you with the desire to make it known by being a kind of ambassador of your country abroad. 

Tips for studying abroad

Here are the tips for studying abroad and fully living that experience! This applies if you are going to study a master’s degree abroad, an English course, study on an exchange in another country or take a vocational course.

1. Choose your ideal destination to study abroad

Not all destinations are ideal for all travelers! At least, not when it comes to first-time travelers. You need to consider factors such as budget and weather characteristics, for example.

So we recommend that, before buying your air ticket, you read as much information as possible about the place you want to travel to. Some destinations are perfect for all kinds of people. For example, check out the wonderful cities in Australia, those in Canada, New Zealand and the eco cities!

2. Select a course that suits your needs

Find out about the courses available to study abroad, that is, in the country of your interest, and seek the necessary advice to make this a rewarding experience from the start.

Some companies are in charge of providing help to students who, like you, want to see the world betting on safety and responsibility. Have you heard, for example, about GrowPro? They are the best! 

3. Get ready to live with people from all over the world

To leave your country and have a pleasant experience, you must be aware that there are millions of people around you who will not always be to your liking. 😬

The secret to a healthy coexistence with those around you is to open your mind, be patient and learn to respect differences, as well as the habits of others. See that coexistence can also be a fantastic experience!

4. Papers DO matter when studying abroad!

Although it seems obvious, many travelers trust that they will be able to organize their papers when they are inside the country they want to travel to. Nope! Try to bring your papers in order from the moment you start to organize your suitcase to study abroad; These efforts will make a big difference between a peaceful life and problems with the law. Watch out! 

5. Tour the city, it’s your new home!

No matter what happens, take the time to explore your new city and get to know every corner of it. The place that receives you will be your new home, so it is best that you know what its rhythm and personality are.

This will also help you to know where you can find a new job abroad or how to get to your study center. Walk, meet and be curious!

Requirements to study abroad

As you can imagine, the requirements to study abroad and travel the world vary depending on many factors: 

  • What kind of course are you going to study abroad
  • How long are you going to stay outside your country?
  • Where do you want to study
  • Do you want to study and work abroad?

However, some procedures and requirements are common to all international students looking for a new adventure far from their comfort zone a.k.a. his house. Some of those requirements are: 

  • Student visa: Some countries require a student visa from other countries to be able to stay in their territory under this modality. For example, to study in Ireland you need a visa if you are from Peru, but not if you are from Spain or Argentina.
  • International medical insurance: Another requirement to study abroad is to take out medical coverage for students during your entire stay in another country.
  • Demonstrate language level: If you take a VET or university course, your classes will be in another language, so you must have an official IELTS, TOEFL, etc. certificate.
  • Motivation letter: Some countries, such as Australia, call it a Genuine Temporary Entrant. It is the letter where you explain your reasons for studying abroad.
  • Evidence of financial funds: Depending on how long you stay in a country, you will need to show that you can afford the cost of living in your first few months.
  • Curriculum vitae: If you are looking for a job abroad, you need a CV in English or the language of your destination. Also prepare for your job interview.

As we told you above, the papers are important, so pay special attention to gathering your documentation and that studying abroad does not remain in a truncated plan. 


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