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Streignth Sportswear: Shane Skaar Builds Brand Backed By Positivity

Shane Skaar

While many people crumble at the feet of opposition and challenge, Shane Skaar had other ideas. Born with a rare chest condition that required significant surgery to correct, Skaar dealt with ridicule, bullying, and low self-esteem. Yet, despite this, Skaar sent out on a mission. That mission was and still is, to become the best version of himself possible, mentally and physically.

With a love for fitness in mind, Shane Skaar founded a clothing brand called Streignth Sportswear. The brand shared Skaar’s same vision and aims to empower those who endorse the brand. Those apart of the Streignth community share a common goal to become a better version of themselves. After all, the company’s mission statement is “Create the greatest version of yourself and always strive for more. Never settling. Always hungry for more. Stand out. Stay hungry. And Reign”.

With a positive community impact and quality products, the brand has seen significant growth despite only being in business for two years. Growing steadily across the Midwest, Streignth is growing into an impressive community of fitness-lovers, athletes, and just average people looking for motivation and empowerment. Having seen orders from all 50 states, Streignth is showing no sign of slowing down.

To add to the movement, Streignth has just released its newest collection of products called “The Golden Standard”. The launch encourages the Streignth community to create their own golden standard and to change one’s habits, set goals, and level up in life. Featuring an array of hoodies, joggers, and more, the Golden Standard collection is Streignth’s most ambitious yet and is sure to continue the spread of the brand’s positive goals.

Find the latest Streignth drop here.

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