StreamCoin Earns Spotlight at WLSC With MeiTalk Alpha Launching Success

StreamCoin received huge applause from the global live streaming community upon the conclusion of the World Live Streamers Conference (WLSC).

WLSC, which happened from March 25-26 at the Festival Arena in Dubai, UAE witnessed up to 30,000 attendees, both at the venue and virtually. During the two-day event, StreamCoin wowed all visitors with its platforms and ongoing technology revamps including the NFT minting functionality.

StreamCoin took part in WLSC as a Platinum Sponsor. Both StreamCoin and its multi-streaming platform MeiTalk had their respective booths, enabling its teams to cater to inquiries of interested event visitors from countries such as the US, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, and more.

Key highlights of the conference include StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh’s welcome speech, MeiTalk’s official Alpha version launching, and the MeiTalk Top 100 Influencer Awards, in which the global community acknowledged some of the leading social media influencers for their valuable contributions to the industry.

Aside from his keynote speech, Michael also took the opportunity to showcase MeiTalk’s revolutionary features by multi-streaming on platforms such as MeiTalk, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch.

The team also interacted with investors who showed interest in StreamCoin and its blockchain ecosystem. In addition, the team impressed visitors with StreamCoin’s NFT minting feature, which enables them to immortalize their videos and potentially monetize their content even further.

Michael thanked the visitors for their support of StreamCoin and MeiTalk:

“On behalf of the entire StreamCoin team, I would like to thank everyone for the generous support that you have given to us. The amount of appreciation that we have been receiving from our visitors – not to mention the invitations for partnerships from other companies and investors – bears testament to the success of our efforts to pave the way for the future of live streaming.”

The team also unveiled upcoming developments such as Stream Chain (Mainnet 1.0 and 2.0) and its native utility token GaStream (GSTRM). The latter was a surprise token launched by the company in anticipation of the surge of transactions that will occur on StreamCoin’s blockchain ecosystem, given MeiTalk’s increasing popularity and the introduction of the NFT minting feature.

Interested investors can obtain GSTRM by participating in StreamCoin’s STRM public sale, which is set to conclude on April 30, 2022. Investors can receive 1 GSTRM for every 5 STRM that they purchase during the public sale.

According to the team, public sale participants need to invest a minimum of $50 worth of STRM to join its referral program as well. After the ICO, StreamCoin will list STRM and GSTRM on multiple exchanges to further augment its growing blockchain ecosystem.

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