2 More Days To Go, Don’t Miss Out StreamCoin

Don’t miss out on the StreamCoin public sale because it will be like missing Bitcoin in 2010. You have only 2 more days to own some StreamCoin (STRM) before the public sale closes. StreamCoin is a crypto gem with massive potential to become the next Bitcoin. In fact, crypto analysts say this is a coin with the potential to explode 1000x and become one of the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies.

One thing that the StreamCoin team has done is to build a crypto project with an incredible utility. This is a project with real-world use cases based on the products the team is building. Therefore, the StreamCoin token price will grow organically due to the mass adoption the project is getting.

The StreamCoin team has already built one of the most powerful blockchains, Stream Chain, on which this ecosystem will be running. The Stream chain offers one of the fastest transaction speeds, and the gas fee is very low. But what makes this project attractive to crypto investors is the powerful streaming product, MeiTalk, which will be running on the Stream Chain.

MeiTalk is the major product for the StreamCoin project. It is a global live streaming platform that will utilize Stream Chain to connect streamers with viewers directly. In addition, it offers other exciting features like auto-generated multiple languages, multicasting to over 50 broadcasting channels, and 100% revenue to streamers.

It is also important to mention that MeiTalk will enable streamers to mint NFTs from their streaming videos and trade them on the Stream NFT marketplace, another exciting product in the StreamCoin ecosystem.

MeiTalk also allows viewers to earn from watching streams and tip the streamer directly with GaStream tokens. These are just some of the exciting features that will make MeiTalk the best streaming platform.

Therefore, MeiTalk is projected to be one of the biggest drives for the skyrocketing StreamCoin (STRM). Live streaming has been growing exponentially since the Coronavirus pandemic, and streaming is what streamers is looking for.

There are millions of people streaming, which is a huge market that MeiTalk is tapping on. That’s how mass adoption of the StreamCoin project will be driven by MeiTalk. However, the StreamCoin team is also working on adding more products to its ecosystem, including a research platform.

The StreamCoin public presale ends on 30th April. Don’t miss out on this gem!

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