Statter Network (STT), A Leading DePIN Project, Launches on

Statter Network (STT)

According to an official announcement by, Statter Network (STT) will be listed on Gate Startup on March 30, 2024, at 4:00 am UTC, with STT/USDT trading pair to commence on April 1, 2024, at 8:00 am UTC. This follows the listing of STT on HTX Exchange, marking another top global digital asset exchange to announce the listing of STT.

As an emerging Metaverse blockchain integrating modular blockchain, DePIN, and halving mechanisms, Statter Network has captured the attention of Wall Street capital during the bear market, securing tens of millions of dollars in investment. As the bull market approaches, STT gains further support from numerous top trading platforms, highlighting its development potential and indicating a steady rise in its industry status. The aim of this article is to deepen the public’s understanding of Statter and the value of its token, STT, by exploring the core technological features of the Statter Network and the economic model of the STT token.

Tokenomics and DePIN

Cryptocurrency research firm Messrai predicts that by 2028, the market cap of the DePIN sector could surge to $3.5 trillion, showcasing its enormous potential for development. As an open ecosystem, Statter covers a wide range of functionalities, integrating core technologies such as 3D engines, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), edge computing, decentralized storage, digital twins, computer vision, and more into its plugin application marketplace. This demonstrates its foresight in planning for the DePIN track.


STT’s token incentive model is designed to reward contributors to the Statter network. Contributors earn token rewards by participating in network construction and providing resources. This design creates a positive value cycle that propels its business development.

Furthermore, Statter leverages digital resources globally and can swiftly meet product or service demands across different sectors through specific algorithms and optimized production relationships. This strategy is expected to further drive a flywheel effect, forming a positive circulation system.

Modular Network Service Fees

Modularity is a key highlight of the Statter Network. This modular blockchain network divides blockchain tasks or functions into different levels or modules, effectively enhancing performance, scalability, and customizability. Many highly anticipated modular blockchain projects have attracted investment from exchanges, such as Binance Labs’ strategic investment in AltLayer. has also recognized the potential of Statter Network’s modular technology and has announced its listing.

In Statter’s modular technology, STT plays a vital role in carrying core value. Developers can access innovative modular technologies, like drag-and-drop public chain technology and DApp component libraries, by paying network service fees with STT. This not only helps maintain network stability but also promotes the development of innovative applications in the Statter ecosystem.


Fair SPoW Mechanism and Reduction

With less than 30 days until Bitcoin’s next halving, according to, Bitcoin is poised for another price surge. STT, following the path of halving alongside Bitcoin, is also expected to see a significant price increase.

Based on the fair, efficient, and environmentally friendly SPoW (Segmented Proof of Work) consensus mechanism, all STT tokens are generated through mining. Additionally, the mining output automatically reduces by 25% every 12 months. Miners stake a certain amount of STT to participate in mining activities and receive STT as a reward, ensuring the network’s security and stability. To date, the network’s total hashrate has reached 44,322 MH/s, with over 30,000 STT holding addresses, showcasing the growing global enthusiasm for STT mining. Given the annual reduction policy of STT tokens, there is ample reason to believe this enthusiasm will continue to heat up in the future.

EVM Compatibility and Value Circulation

Statter has announced the upcoming launch of smart contracts while ensuring compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means Ethereum developers can easily and quickly migrate their existing smart contracts to the Statter chain without the need to rewrite smart contract code specifically for the Statter network.


By ensuring compatibility with the EVM, Statter will be able to capture value overflow from the Ethereum ecosystem. This strategy will powerfully propel the prosperity of the Statter ecosystem, pushing it into a new phase of rapid user and ecosystem growth. Additionally, as the universal token of the ecosystem, STT is used to pay transaction fees (Gas), significantly expanding the usage scenarios of STT tokens and enhancing its circulation and application value.

Satellite Chain Gas Fees and Value Enhancement Strategy

In the unique multi-chain parallel architecture of the Statter platform, each independently operating satellite chain, i.e., a new public chain created based on Statter, operates independently of each other, thereby achieving performance improvement and ensuring the stable operation of the chains. Even if one chain experiences abnormalities or runs at full capacity, it will not affect the stable operation of other satellite chains.

We can imagine that on the Statter platform, thousands of satellite chains are providing services to a large number of users every day, and each interaction relies on STT as gas fees. This effectively means that a large amount of STT will be burned. It has been proven that reducing token circulation through burning is the most effective strategy for increasing token value.

In summary, Statter Network showcases significant development potential and market appeal in the cryptocurrency domain through strategies like DePIN, modularity, and Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. Receiving support from top-tier trading platforms not only strengthens its industry position but also provides attractive value propositions for investors. As the market trends towards a bull market, attention to Statter Network’s technological innovations and tokenomics undoubtedly brings promising development opportunities for investors and blockchain technology enthusiasts.

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