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SpaceCatch Announces $CATCH Token Impending Launch

SpaceCatch, one of the most prominent companies in the GameFi space in 2024, has revealed March 28 for the debut of its $CATCH token for its augmented reality (AR) game.

TakeAway Points:

  • SpaceCatch has announced the debut date of its $CATCH token as March 28.
  • $CATCH has a longer lifespan within the SpaceCatch game ecosystem due to its limited supply and low inflation rate.
  • Pre-sale rounds have already distributed up to 43% of tokens, significantly reducing inflation.

SpaceCatch to Launch $CATCH Token

Both investors and aficionados were excited when this breakthrough was announced to the public through SpaceCatch’s official  X (Twitter) account.

According to the report, the introduction of its $CATCH coin is a significant milestone for SpaceCatch, the cosmic AR game that is poised to transform the cryptocurrency world. The project has made great progress with this announcement, which follows the success of the $CATCH presale. 

When news of the announcement was made public through SpaceCatch’s official X (Twitter) account, it quickly gained attention from investors and fans of cryptocurrency games. 

The team behind SpaceCatch, Pixelfield, is ready to reveal their product to the public after over a year and a half of intense development.

SpaceCatch has delayed the release of the $CATCH token until now in order to polish the game itself, since they are adamant about long-term sustainability and place a high priority on product quality. 

In part because of its placement in the GameFi category and its thoughtfully designed tokenomics for early adopters, the $CATCH token is generating a lot of interest and demand from eager investors and players as they wait for the game to launch. 

$CATCH Features

$CATCH has generated a lot of attention in the GameFi business because of its distinctive features and creative approach. Unlike other GameFi tokens, $CATCH has a longer lifespan within the SpaceCatch game ecosystem due to its limited supply and low inflation rate. This makes it more than merely an in-game reward token. 

Inflation is further reduced because up to 43% of tokens have already been distributed through presale rounds. To date, SpaceCatch has funded $3.37 million, with a recent round raising $1.17 million in just forty-two hours.

The report stated that pre-sale rounds have already distributed up to 43% of tokens, significantly reducing inflation. With a recent round of $1.17 million in under 42 hours, SpaceCatch has raised $3.37 million in total.

Additionally, $CATCH has advanced staking processes that are similar to the yearly halving process of Bitcoin and last for five years. Early adopters will first receive significant annual percentage rates (APR), which are anticipated to range from 300% to 500%. Staking is the only way to obtain $CATCH because it is not an in-game reward. Staking offers substantial benefits during the early phase.

Furthermore, SpaceCatch runs entirely off-chain, making it easy for gamers who are not crypto to enter the mobile gaming market. To maintain a healthy environment, a percentage of gaming profits will be set aside for $CATCH buyback, burn, and prizes after the stake time. 

Regarding SpaceCatch’s previous NFT ventures, it is noteworthy that the rare Genesis Box NFTs sold out in 33 seconds despite a bearish NFT market, seeing a nearly 2,000% value spike. This illustrates the team’s proficiency in effectively satisfying player and market demands.

The SpaceCatch team recently disclosed that the coin will soon be listed on centralised exchanges (CEXs), which has added to the project’s considerable buzz. There is even more excitement surrounding the project because this listing is scheduled for this week.


Being the first game of its type, SpaceCatch promises to revolutionise the gaming industry by fusing blockchain support, augmented reality, geolocation, AI, and NFTs. 

This combination enables an entirely new gaming experience, allowing next-generation, fully sustainable play-to-earn and move-to-earn models in addition to a totally free-to-play model. 

SpaceCatch, a company focused on AR and VR technologies, has created an immersive universe with a captivating story. After an extraterrestrial invasion, players in this universe are called Catchers, and their job is to bring peace back to Earth. 

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