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Sneak Peek into the Causes of Polkastarter Price Fluctuations


Various reasons can contribute to the ups and downs of Polkastarter or POLS tokens. One of them is the number of coins held by the Polkastarter foundation. Having a large amount of it gives them the power to influence the price of POLS. The second factor is the amount of trading activity happening in the marketplaces. The more trading activity means the more demand for the tokens, increasing the prices. Then, you also have to consider the overall market conditions for cryptocurrency. In the bullish market, more people are likely to invest in cryptocurrency, increasing its value. Conversely, if the market is bearish, fewer people would support it, and the price may get hit.

You can also expect government rules to interfere with this token’s and other currencies’ value. Tax, investment restrictions, mining governance, and others can impact the crypto market to rise or fall, naturally affecting POLS’ prices. In the case of cryptocurrencies, another exciting observation can be the behavior of the influencers or newsmakers. Suppose a billionaire entrepreneur like Elon Musk writes in support of a specific coin or token. You can expect that particular digital currency to suddenly get a lot of demand in the market and price appreciation. Nowadays, it has become a trend when celebrities often take to their social media accounts to promote these. Still, the safe way is to go by historical data and utility. So, if you want to buy POLS, you would first like to know about POLS price prediction.

Price forecast for POLS coin

The price of the POLS coin can reportedly rise due to several factors. The launch of the Polkastarter platform has generated tremendous interest in the project, which will likely lead to more demand for the coin. Then, the team behind the project is experienced and has a strong track record in the industry, which gives investors confidence that the project could be successful. At the same time, the project has a strong community of supporters – another positive sign for the coin’s future price.

Nevertheless, there is hope that POLS can be USD$3.034 in 2023, and even in the most bearish market in 2022, it is likely to slide to USD$0.47 on average. So that means even if someone buys it for USD$0.43, they will not be at a loss.

Is it worth trusting the predictions?

Well, no system is full-proof. Hence, taking things with a pinch of salt is always better. Still, robust analysis based on cumulative relevant factors can be highly insightful. For example, suppose a site studies the past and present movement of the coins, trading volume, social sentiment, development, and roadmap of the crypto, among others. In that case, you can trust it to be quite there to add valuable data points to your arsenal as an investor.

Like any other traditional asset class, cryptocurrency can be another investment vehicle for your portfolio. You may worry about its volatility, but things can feel smoother once you get the hang of it. It is just that one should not be reactive in these cases. Being responsive to the movement of the coins in the market can be beneficial.

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