SIRIN LABS announces partnerships and new brand ambassador ahead of launching the blockchain smartphone, FINNEY™

SIRIN LABS is currently launching a blockchain based smartphone called “FINNEY™.” This smartphone has been developed with a cold wallet that will become compatible with the IDEX Ethereum decentralized exchange. Also, this blockchain based smartphone will have the decentralized auction house of Portion as its unique proprietary dCENTER.

The FINNEY™ Smartphone And The Collaboration

Prior to the launch of FINNEY™, SIRIN LABS the creator of one of the world’s most secure blockchain based smartphones is announcing exciting and new collaborations.

According to the announcement, the IDEX decentralized exchange will be deployed with the FINNEY™’s cold or offline wallet storage system. This decision will allow traders to make use of the platform conveniently for all cryptocurrency transactions. Asides that, the integration of these two blockchain based platforms will offer users reduced trading fees for the next thirty (30) days after the first use.

Additionally, this blockchain based smartphone will be integrated with the Portion platform which in itself is a decentralized auction house. The integration of these two platforms will afford FINNEY™ users the opportunity to access collectibles and luxury goods in the world’s first decentralized blockchain-powered auction house.

Some of the main features of this smartphone include; token conversion services, a wallet, a Decentralized Application (DApps) store, and a cyber protection suite.

The Portion Platform

While speaking to newsmen, the CEO and co-founder of the Portion platform Jason Rosenstein, stated that they are happy to partner with SIRIN Labs and that they are thrilled to bring their amazing auction house to the world’s first blockchain based smartphone. He went further to reveal that FINNEY™ will launch with the Portion platform already downloaded in it, thus, connecting users instantly to the digital world and offering them the opportunity to see collectibles and luxury goods in ways they have never seen.

SIRIN LABS’ CEO Mosheg has stated that securing collaborations with some of the leading brands in the blockchain industry is a step in the right direction as they plan to launch the world’s most secure and stable smartphone this Winter. According to Hogeg, these collaborative efforts come naturally as they (SIRIN LABS) are always ready and willing to partner.


With SIRIN LABS carrying out one of the most successful ICO’s in the crypto and blockchain sphere, they are determined to bridge the gap between the masses and the blockchain economy. To do this, they are keen on solving two major problems or barriers in the crypto market, which are; lack of user experience and security. With their knowledge in the development of blockchain based smartphones, SIRIN LABS is paving the way for technological advancements with the launch of the FINNEY™ smartphone. This smartphone will run on the SIRIN OS which currently happens to be an advanced Google-certified upgrade of the Android OS.


After signing the 5 times Ballon d’Or winner and the arguably the greatest footballer of all time Leo Messi, SIRIN LABS has also announced the signing of world heavyweight champion Triple G.

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