Shortage.Finance: A safe asset-backed by Ethereum

In the past two years, the world’s financial system has experienced great turmoil and unprecedented havoc. As a result, many financial enthusiasts are searching for a safe haven for their monetary investments. is the latest safe asset project in Q4 2021 that uses Ethereum as its backing currency. It creates constant backing for its token to enhance its overall value in the long term and features a relatively straightforward ecosystem to benefit both experienced and novice buyers in the industry.

Generally, Shortage refers to an ERC20 asset with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. According to the project, the token is not ideal for short-term investing or trading. Instead, the project seeks to increase the value of its token over time by rewarding its holders for keeping the currency in their possession for a long term.

The project has no team to upgrade, shut down, or alter the RTG smart contract dynamics. In turn, the public can confirm on that the team has transferred 100% of the liquidity to the dead address and relinquished control of the smart contract.

Furthermore, the marketing of this project is in the hands of RTG holders as there is no marketing budget added to the transaction fee. Shortage insists on its holders capitalizing on their power to spread the word by using paid campaigns, introducing the project to family and friends, social media adverts, blogging, and many others.

RTG Tokenomics

As mentioned earlier, the RTG token is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of two billion tokens. Buyers should note that there will be no official presale event for this token as its primary focus is on token burning and liquidity throughout its lifespan in the industry. The entire idea of this project revolves around lowering token supply while improving its Ethereum backing.

On December 27, the token acquired a listing spot on Uniswap V2, the main exchange platform that buyers can get the coin. Liquidity locking will take up half of the overall supply and be locked indefinitely. The remaining 50% will be burned to boost the token’s scarcity in the market.

Any buy, transfer, or sale of the token that involves the RTG/ETH pair will be subject to a transaction charge of 10% of the total amount. Token holders can anticipate receiving a 50% share of all transaction fees, and the balance will end up at the burning address. 

Moreover, the holders do not experience any inconvenience when claiming their rewards. They simply have to find a safe and secure wallet that works with the pair, finance it, and buy the tokens they want. Take note that to complete all orders efficiently, you must adjust your slippage to 12%.

Holders receive increased value

As of now, half of RTG’s total supply is in the burn address, a strategy used by several ongoing projects to restrict token supply. The fundamental law of supply and demand argues that when supply is lowered, demand rises. Similarly, projects want to extract the greatest value from the very same concept by withdrawing part of their circulation.

Furthermore, a portion of the transaction fee gets burned when someone purchases or sells the RTG token on Uniswap V2. In addition, ETH will substitute RTG tokens, boosting the Shortage tokens’ backing. As a result, the ETH backing will always be sufficient to cover the total circulating supply available on the market. As such, after each RTG transaction, the price floor rises.

Take note that a portion of the ETH backing in the pool will not be claimable to maintain a continuous boost after each transaction. The results of this effort will be obvious in the long run, making RTG a safe long-term investment choice for its holders.

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