Shirtum Platform: Empowering NFT Marketplace Through Sport Collectibles

Non-fungible tokens continue to gain popularity as data records an increasing market cap closing in on the $18 billion mark. Ideally, NFTs represent digital assets with distinct features, ranging from collectibles, digital artwork, gaming items, and many more.

Additionally, technological advancements such as blockchains and smart contracts also play an integral role in maintaining the trade of these NFT valuables. Shirtum fits the description of an NFT Marketplace where football fans can access valuable items from their favorite players. 

There is no doubt that football is among the most popular sports worth billions, carrying a robust number of fans worldwide. Therefore, Shirtum seeks to penetrate this industry and empower an NFT ecosystem that brings fans and players to one platform. More importantly, the project plans on revolutionizing the sports world by boosting the value proposition of collecting.

How Shirtum Works

Shirtum is an innovative platform founded by David Rosencwaig in 2021. Its operation model entails the sale and marketing of a player’s NFT objects or items along with the most memorable moments in their sports career. 

Essentially, players look forward to exchanging the items they accumulated over the years without necessarily discarding them. On the other hand, fans anticipate a platform to access a player’s private museum easily. 

Shirtum fulfills this idea by allowing the fans access to any item that players offer through NFTs. It also describes the players as the original creators marketing their products to a global fan base. 

In exchange, fans can accumulate the player’s memorabilia tokens and the stories behind the soccer player’s objects. Shirtum is divided into four sections as described below:


This part describes a player’s t-shirts together with their stories and history as described by the players themselves. Additionally, the museum section displays the historical price of the t-shirt merchandise within 24 hours, a week, a month, or even a year.


The fanzone section enables fans to access the respective player’s videos explaining the stories behind each item. Asides from that, fans can share these videos on their social media handles. 


The market icon contains a large marketplace where users can purchase NFTs. Shirtum provides various ways users can obtain the NFTs, one of them being through the players themselves. 

Another option is where users buy the NFTs from other fans currently possessing them. The last option is by exchanging the NFTs for other NFTs with different users on Shirtum. 

Every player’s story leads to the creation of limited NFTs ranging from one unit to a thousand units. Users can obtain the NFTs using two formats; either through an auction format or a direct purchase format. An important note to remember is that the fans can pay for the items using euros or $SHI, Shirtum’s native currency. 


The gallery section displays the user’s profile and the type of NFTs they own. This part also enables users to arrange their collectibles and put them up for sale or exchange. What’s more, users can confirm their balances and top up their wallets using credit cards or sending any supported cryptocurrency.

$SHI Token Metrics

The $SHI Token poses as Shirtum’s native currency residing on the Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. Leveraging on the Binance Smart Chain enables Shirtum users to enjoy fast transaction processes at lower fees.

$SHI drives the overall functionalities at Shirtum since users utilize it to perform different actions within the platform. A staking option is yet to be implemented, and it will enable users to receive diverse incentives. 

Nonetheless, these incentives will be highly dependent on the amount of tokens locked and the staking duration. 

Users will receive different types of rewards from staking, including digital and physical experiences with the stated player, NFT price discounts, an authentic t-shirt straight from a user’s favorite player, unique NFTs designated for $SHI holders, and an early gateway to NFT sales. From the 1 billion tokens in circulation, Shirtum designed the allocation scheme as follows:

  • Founding players granted 120 million tokens
  • The burning pool receives 100 million tokens
  • Advisors and the team are allocated 150 million in total
  • The treasury and marketing programs both account for 218 million
  • The first and second private sales get a total allocation of 220 million
  • A seed round phase taking up 20 million tokens
  • Addition of liquidity into the PancakeSwap pool will use 34 million tokens
  • Lastly, a community sale that receives 138 million $SHI tokens

Benefits of NFT Investments

NFTs play a significant part in not only the players but also the fans on Shirtum’s platform. Here’s an outlook on the advantages:

More Revenue Streams for Players

Through NFTs, players can sell their prized possessions directly to the fans and generate lucrative revenues. These revenues may aid in sustaining a player’s career, whether he has an active or a slightly short career duration. 

Authentic Items

Users at Shirtum are assured of legitimate items and their memorabilia from the players. An added advantage is the availability of blockchain technology which eliminates the chances of fraudulent activity as every historical data related to the player’s item is publicly displayed on the distributed ledger.

Preservation of Items

As mentioned earlier, NFTs allow players to sell their valuable objects without disposing of them physically. Players can preserve these items and prevent them from wearing out. Moreover, NFTs enable players to retain copyrights on their items as opposed to other licensing agreements available today.


Shirtum aims at strengthening the bond between soccer players and fans across the world. Unlike its major competitors like Panini, Shirtum ensures players are given the topmost priority and not viewed as passive participants. It meets this goal by allowing players to exhibit and sell their objects/items and earn a lifelong income. Moving forward, the platform will venture into other sports such as basketball, American football, baseball, and many more. It is therefore one to watch!

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