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Shift in Crypto Trends: DOGE and SHIB Prices Drop as NFTFN Presale Takes Center Stage

If you thought the ravenous appetite for NFTFN’s groundbreaking SuperNova (SNV) token was just hype, well, the results are in.

The NFT perpetual-centric protocol’s highly-anticipated presale opened its stage 1 floodgates, and within what felt like a few heartbeats, an insane $250,000 allocation was swept off the deck.

The rapid oversubscription underscores the pent-up demand in the market, validating SNV as one of crypto’s hottest presales of 2023. This remarkable surge not only caught the attention of judges and speculators but also signaled rigorous movements among whales and prospectors. It is a sure sign that something big is underway.

So what exactly is fueling this feverish accumulation? Let’s examine the multi-faceted forces that are propelling $SNV’s ascent in space.

The Unstoppable Combatants

  • A Revolutionary Offering: NFTFN’s first-of-its-kind perpetual futures protocol for blue-chip NFT exposure is a market need incredibly underserved
  • Generational Opportunity: Turnkey access to the $230 billion worth NFT universe via a single diversified product – an unparalleled rarity at this early stage.
  • Spectacular Tokenomics: With a mere 1 billion max supply and ingenious staking compounders, $SNV’s economic design is textbook.
  • Renowned Pedigree: An all-star team, product vision, and backing from industry leaders including Google, Polygon, Chingari, Alpha Wave, and more.

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Phenomenon Behind The $SNV Presale

Of course, the proof is in the pudding when it comes to crypto’s latest presale sensation. Here’s a glimpse at the numbers anchoring $SNV’s rapid stage 1 uptake:

  • Aggressive Initial Pricing: A bargain basement entry price of just $0.025 per token represented a tantalizing entry point
  • Scant Token Allocation: Only 20.34% of the total token supply — 1 billion — was designated for the public, creating an artificial supply crunch.
  • Multi-Million Presale Cap: A sizeable $18 million+ raise strengthened by a murderer’s row of private investment backers.

The fervor surrounding this presale intensified as project leads dropped hints about the vesting specifics:

  • Allocating 0% Tokens at TGE (Token Generation Event)
  • Scheduling 10% Token Unlock Monthly
  • Slating a 9-Month Vesting Period

Let’s simplify this, getting straight to the point. Stage 2 not only guaranteed a more fragmented float of tokens but also indicated that the total circulating supply of $SNV would not begin compounding for nearly a year. In the realm of asset accumulation strategies, this would emerge as a bullish recipe as one could imagine.

NFTFN’s Stage 2 Flurry Inevitable?

As the whitepaper clues and the resounding success of stage 1 consumption strongly indicate, the odds of stage 2 representing another rabid accumulation event appear highly considerable. Especially when you factor in the rapidly rising global demand for $SNV tokens amongst the cryptosphere’s elite traders, investors, and institutional houses.

This surging influx of participants could dissuade more modest investors from securing meaningful allocations in subsequent presale stages. Those who remain on the sidelines have been duly cautioned – missing out on $SNV may prove painful in hindsight. The token’s trajectory of accelerated adoption shows no signs of waning any time soon.

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