NFT 3D Game FlappyDoge : First P2E to Introduce DAO Governance

NFT 3D Game FlappyDoge:First P2E to Introduce DAO Governance

FlappyDoge is an ever-growing NFT-based 3D game which has introduced DAO governance. Moreover, FlappyDoge has an NFT marketplace and a play-to-earn (P2E) IOS/Android game launchpad. As the platform is managed through DAO governance, this gives an indicate that FlappyDoge is an amazing game.

More so, the FlappyDoge game is designed with a unique background animation and contains ten levels. Notably, the speed and intricacy of the game increases as the players progress the difficulty  level.

The players need to complete their levels to level up and gain rewards. In the second part of the game, users can utilize the latest NFT technology to sell NFTs in the marketplace. Moreover, the incentives gained using the mobile application could be redeemed on the marketplace. 

NFT will support gamers in leveling up in the Metaverse and also gaining more coins:

  • FlappyDoge breeds skins
  • Famous/Meme Skins from other aspects of the crypto Metaverse
  • Apes, Camels and other Open Sea NFT concepts
  • Homage skins like Bark Zuckerberg
  • Game ability enhancement NFTs
  • High Score NFTs
  • NFT Trophies

Everytime a new game is introduced, the FlappyDoge token holders will get an airdrop of the particular new gaming token. In order for the users to participate in the sale, thresholds will be set. In addition, the DAO Governance will have the capacity to select which game will be allowed into the ecosystem enabling the metaverse to bloom with high-quality additions. 

Furthermore, the platform offers great skill sets to the new games which enables them to compete in the earlier games. This is the issue which has been plagued previously on other popular games in which new users will never “catch up” to other players. 

All-in-all, the native FLPD token will fuel the ecosystem which will stay deflationary as 3% of each transaction is burnt. Thereby, rising the coin value in the wallet over time. In order to raise awareness and bring mass adoption, 3% of each transaction offered will be spent for marketing. With the upcoming developments and upgrades, FlappyDoge is expected to  reach greater heights soon. 

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