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To help new users have safe access to the internet, they need to be able to establish their authenticity at all times. Identity theft is one of the most common crimes on the internet. As per the US Federal Trade Commission, there were more than 1.4 million cases of identity theft reported in 2021. In Europe, over 20% of internet users have faced identity theft. Such widespread identity theft has made it impossible for even authorities to crack down. The most they can do is issue advisories to stay safe. 

Hence, it has become the responsibility of each individual to make themselves safer online. But how would a person new to the internet secure their identity when even well-experienced internet users fall victim to identity thefts all the time? 

The answer is simple: use a credible project to help you easily achieve digital identity security. 

The Partnership

ShareRing has become an official company supporter of, a UK-based social organization that helps people that don’t have access, gain access to the internet. Their goal is to bridge the digital divide. The news was announced officially by ShareRing on its own website. 

First-time internet users can use ShareRing’s technology to get frictionless access to the internet. They can use their digital identity to establish their credentials when using sensitive online resources for business, financial activity, or secured communication. A blockchain-based verification technology can easily help them secure their first access to the internet. 

Speaking on this partnership, Stewart Smith, Global Head of Sales and Marketing at ShareRing, comments, 

 “We are excited to be supporting, and embark on this journey together to create a more connected and accessible digital world.  Opportunities can be limitless on the internet, and for the communities we support, it all begins with providing the basic necessities for internet access and digital identities.”

Mea Thompson, CCO and co-founder of, shared that blockchain-based identity verification could help refugee safety and help frictionless access to education and other life-changing opportunities. 

Recently ShareRing also conducted a hackathon in Vietnam where university students were asked to aid in identity solutions for frictionless identification in schools and universities. 

About ShareRing

ShareRing is a digital identity solution that provides solutions for securing your digital identity over the internet. It has a decentralized solution that helps you establish your online presence. Further, the documents which are used for authentication are also present only on your device and are never shared with anyone else.  

All of these solutions have been encrypted using blockchain technology. ShareRing uses its own blockchain ShareLedger to secure this decentralized network. All questions about using ShareRing, its digital vault ShareRing App, can be found at the ShareRing Blog.

About is a social organization that helps under-served communities and individuals access the internet for the first time. Its purpose is to connect refugees, students, women, and under-served communities with the internet to enable them to develop in agriculture, meet their financial needs through jobs, access healthcare information, and other necessary activities. Its ultimate goal is to help more than 3 Billion unconnected people get unrestricted access to the internet.

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