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Global Ecommerce Fulfillment Technology Platform; Interview With Brendan Heegan, Founder Of Boxzooka.

Boxzooka ecommerce fulfillment technology platform

Boxzooka recently announced adding Onia and WeWoreWhat to their roster of clients on the ecommerce fulfillment technology platform. The company is thrilled to be the preferred partner and work with the teams at both places. In this interview with TechBullion, Brendan Heegan the founder of Boxzooka shares with us his success stories and why they are a leading 3PL and preferred partner for top fashion and beauty brands.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Brendan Heegan and I’m the founder of Boxzooka.   I have been in the logistics, transportation and fulfillment business for more than 20 years with some modest success.  Initially I fell into logistics by accident, shortly after of college, but I quickly developed a passion and a skill for it. 

What is Boxzooka and what inspired the business?

After traveling internationally and having a front row seat to the constantly expanding ecommerce marketplace I saw the opportunity to provide better technology solutions and a higher level of service to growing retailers.  Boxzooka was founded with a great technology platform and a client centric focus.  Our initial success managing apparel clients helped us build a solid foundation in high-touch fulfillment operations. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of the services and solutions you provide at Boxzooka?

Boxzooka offers comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment solutions built on a technology platform that puts retailers in the driver seat.  We provide omni-channel support across B2C, B2B, Wholesale and cross border landed cost capabilities with full transparency.  Our fulfillment solutions are flexible, customized, and efficient with lean operational disciplines supported by our people and our systems.

Boxzooka is a leading 3PL and preferred partner for top fashion and beauty brands, could you explain this to us. How does it work?

Boxzooka’s initial clientele included some emerging fashion brands and they require (demand) attention to detail and a terrific client experience opening packages.  The high SKU count and low SKU depth makes inventory management a critical service to provide.  Apparel also has high return rates and Boxzooka has top tier reverse logistics processes embedded in our solutions.  

In addition, the ability to bag, tag, label, refurbish and cater to each brands unique requirement has helped Boxzooka develop best practices for these retailers.

What specific challenges were the fulfillment and global ecommerce industry facing before Boxzooka and what is the level of demand for the services provided at Boxzooka?

We’ve touched some of the core services that are table stakes in ecommerce fulfillment, including, fast and accurate order processing, detailed inventory management, omni-channel processing capabilities and great customer service.   All clients have high expectations and “the Amazon effect” has continued to raise consumer demands for fast and free services.  

These factors – and don’t forget a pandemic and inflation – combine to separate the average providers from the best providers.  Boxzooka works hard to stay in front of these market conditions with innovation, proactive communication and transparency.  

Could you tell us more about the proprietary landed-cost technology, how does it work and what sets your technology apart?

When Boxzooka was founded, this technology was a core competency and we were ahead of the market demand.  Essentially, fully landed cost technologies facilitate a seamless ordering process for consumers across borders.  The shopping cart functionality includes localized currency and payment processing, accurate duties and taxes included in support of international clients.  We take friction out of the buying and delivery experiences and increase conversion rates on transactions.  

Tell us more about the addition of two new clients; Onia and WeWoreWhat to Boxzooka, what are the benefits for you and your clients?

We’re grateful to be able to provide a press release on this topic.  

Onia Press Release

One remarkable aspect about these additions is that we were able to bring this business into our east coast flagship facility during peak season, without disrupting our operations.

We also understand Boxzooka recently expanding out west to Las Vegas, NV, tell us more about this good news, and how it is a strategic expansion for your business?

We’ve leveraged shared warehouse space in the Western US for some time and we’re thrilled to have opened our own facility.  We are supporting several clients with split distribution advantages and providing their customers with faster, cheaper delivery services.  Once again, our technology makes it easy to manage inventory and outbound order processing in cost effective ways. 

What sets Boxzooka apart? Any other use cases and success stories you would like to share with us?

Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest and we say “no” to a lot of business if we don’t believe it’ll be a good fit.  Please be on the lookout for more case studies from Boxzooka clients so we don’t have to toot our own horn.  We have several use cases in the works regarding technology innovation, sustainable packaging, efficient returns processing and dynamic inventory control techniques. 

What more would you want people to know about e-commerce & fulfillment and how to make it seamless?

We’re grateful for the many inquiries we receive particularly from young entrepreneurial companies that are looking for support.  There are many choices of fulfillment providers and we work hard to be a reliable and creative resource for our clients. For more information, visit the website:

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