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Setting Up Your Tech Functionalities In A New Home

New Home Tech Functionalities

When moving into a new space, there are many reasons to feel excited. It’s a new chapter in your life, a new community to meet, and perhaps even a new job you have the chance to grapple with. Yet of course, any new homeowner or apartment renter must contend with the fact that unboxing everything and setting up their new life takes time, and can feel like busywork.

So, while tinkering with our technological possessions and making sure they are all integrated well with one another is a great deal of fun, it can take some time if we’re not 100% sure of which way to go about it. For that reason, we have decided to write this post in order to help you simplify everything, to make sure you don’t have to run into any unnecessary issues that cause prolonged troubleshooting, and that you can ensure that no functionality is lost between devices.

It’s also fun and interesting to consider just how your new home can define your tech setup, and what the pitfalls may be ahead of time. Let’s discuss why, how, and further advice alongside the headings below:

Make Sure You Have Your Services Provided For

The last thing you need is to spend time setting up your entire house with all of your gadgets only to find out your television access, internet bundles and telephone options aren’t set up yet. For that reason, make sure you have your services provided for, perhaps grouped together by the same provider if this saves you money and potentially grants you a better and more seamless service. If you can achieve that, then you’re in good standing going forward.

However, there’s also a worthwhile note to add here. If you’re hoping to stream 4K content, or download video games, or browse the web from many devices in your household, make sure that your package is up to speed. It might be that going for one above the recommended internet speed upgrade, or taking fibre when it’s available, is your best and most worthwhile option. In that regard, you’ll be well provided for.

Wall Mounts/Furniture Alignments

It’s important to make sure that wherever your place your tech devices, they are supported by your furniture decisions. It’s hard to enjoy a wall-mounted television when you have a large potted plant or lamp in front of it, or if all of the furniture is oriented around another wall.

It might be that placing your screen in an area where the natural light doesn’t hit during the day can help you avoid glare and other inconveniences. You may be able to save space by hooking speaker systems up to a wall, wall mounting certain fixtures, and using shelving units and tables to place large implements like games consoles and other tech implements.

While we’re considering placement and orientation, it can also be very helpful to consider just what aesthetic you’re going for. Of course, you can’t always theme your tech devices, but you may be able to get some of the way. Opting for matt black technological fixtures can help you theme them together, instance, helping against kaleidoscopic color clashes in your living space. This might mean something to you, it might not, but simply keeping that option in mind can help you come to more informed choices.

Boost Your Wifi Connection

WiFi routers are, thanks to their design, easily signal blocked via walls or furniture fixtures. For that reason, it can be healthy to boost your wifi connection where necessary.

For some, this may mean installing two routers at either end of the house so that the coverage is maximized. For others, it may entail using folded paper to help boost signal strength, or even purchasing a third-party router instead of the proprietary one if your internet provider supports that.

But of course, no matter what kind of router you have, shoddy internet is going to make your entire tech setup suffer, because it’s hard to find a device that isn’t in some way compatible with this form of connectivity in 2021. For that reason, it may be that browsing internet bundles can help you achieve a better outcome, heightening your speeds while paying less for combination services. Great internet is the foundation of a home that makes use of tech, so don’t be afraid to prioritize this.

Integrate Smart Assistants & Routines

Smart assistants and routines can help schedule your day in the most convenient sense, helping you not only get the news and weather as soon as you wake up, but potentially start your coffee pot brewing, instructing your curtains to open, and more.

Smart assistants used in this manner, alongside routines carefully defined, can help you start each day with confidence and in the most informed mindset possible. Simply choose your home assistant of choice (this can be defined by what kind of implement you have, such as an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or simply a smartphone that has access to voice controls).

To those who might not be familiar with setting up tech functionalities within their home, this can seem a little over the top, but you’d be surprised just how much functionality and worth you can gain from just having everything integrated in this way. At the very least, setting it up can prevent you from having to jump over a hurdle when you really need it.

Sign Up, Sign In, Download

It’s best to set up your services, subscriptions and program downloads within the scope of an afternoon, so that you don’t have to chase down passwords or continually figure out upon which devices you have access to certain installations.

Signing up to the services you want, signing in, and downloading media or adding it to your watch later (or maybe integrating a Plex server to an always-on computer) can make a tremendous difference going forward, helping you save time while retaining access to all of the content you hope to see from now into the long term.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily set up your tech functionalities within a new home, all for the better.

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