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5 Steps How to Find the Right Destinations for Your Travel Fantasies


Vacations are such a fantasy for most of us, especially in the times when we all are locked inside our homes once again (sighs!). But, let us hope that life would get back to normal someday. All of us dream about going for a vacation, where we could destress ourselves and refresh our lives. Well, planning a vacation isn’t as easy as it seems. Preparing for a vacation could be a bigger task than you think but we do have something to help you. In this article, we shall be discussing some steps you could involve in the process of planning a vacation, to make it easier.

1) People involved:

Before you decide the destination for your vacation, you need to decide the people who shall be accompanying you.  If you’re planning a solo trip, the entire responsibility would be yours. If it’s a honeymoon, or a family trip, or a trip with your friends, you can divide different responsibilities. Once you decide who shall be accompanying you, you can search about different places you could visit, considering the likes and dislikes of the people. If someone likes historical monuments and is interested in architecture, you might consider Europe as a good option. 

2) Travel time:

Once you’ve decided the people who would be involved in the trip, you must decide the time of the month when all of these people would be free. To figure out the dates, you need to have the free dates of everyone involved and then check the common time when everybody will be free. Also, you must make a list of all the activities they would want to do. If someone wants to go skiing, winter would be a good time for the trip. You must make sure that you visit your holiday destination during the best time of the year. You would need to do some prior research for that. Like the Caribbean has a hurricane season, and you should avoid visiting it then. Similarly, there is a difference in seasons depending upon the place. When Asia receives its winters, Australia is in its summer season.

3) Estimate a budget:

Budget is one of the most important factors that affect a trip. You must make a budget so that you can plan things better. You need to make sure that your holiday destination fits your budget and all the activities that you want to do, do not exceed the limit. Make a priority list of activities you would want to do. Some might want to have a luxury stay and compromise on the activities, while others might consider a regular hotel or lounge and would spend more on the activities. Depending on the priorities and expenditure limit, prepare a budget.

4) Destination:

Deciding on the destination is one of the toughest decisions. It depends on so many factors that need to be considered, to choose the right destination. If you’re going on a solo trip, you might want to discover something more close to spirituality, if you’re going on a honeymoon, you might want to go to a more romantic destination, or maybe a hill station. If it is a family vacay, you could have a destination depending upon the common interest shared by you. The destination must also be in your budget so that it does not disturb your bank balance. You should also check if the place you want to visit is convenient for you and your family, for example, if you plan to visit China, check which websites are blocked and if that would cause any inconvenience for you.

5) Booking the Trip:

Before booking, you need to do detailed research on all the hotels that you could check in. Choose the best-staying option that fits your budget. If you want to book a travel package, look for the best plans available for your destination and choose accordingly. Make sure that you choose an authentic and trustable site to book your vacation. Make sure that you know how to get an international driver’s license so that you could drive in a foreign country, without having to use public transport.


Planning a vacation could be tough. To make it easier you could break it into steps. Start with deciding the people who will be going on the trip with you. Once you’re done, decide a date, which will depend on the time all the members are free for a vacation. Estimate a budget that you can easily spend on the trip and plan things accordingly. Choose a destination that your family is interested in and one that fits your budget.  Finally, make the bookings for the hotel, you’d be staying in and also the conveyance. You could also book a travel package that includes everything.

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