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SEO Tool To Find and Fix Missing Links On Your Website

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On-page SEO tools are important in performing deep analysis of the webpages to ensure that website is SEO friendly and gives the best user experience. You’ll find a handful of SEO tools over the internet that checks whether your website follows a proper structure like Meta descriptions, image tags, and page titles.

Your website shouldn’t only be SEO optimized but it should also be properly optimized for the users who are going to visit it. Website issues like broken links, missing images, and other issues should also be dealt with. This is important because search engines like Google use algorithms to check and analyze your website’s performance and rank it if it meets the on-page as well as off-page SEO requirements.

Broken links are website pages that are no longer working either because the website doesn’t exist or the URL of the site has been changed. Broken links do affect the SEO ranking of your site negatively. It can put a negative impression on your website and drive the visitors away. What’s worse is if a website is linked to a suspicious website, your computer can be infected by malware attacks.

Instead of checking links and removing them manually, you can use a broken link checker software. Dr. Link Checker is one such tool that is used for inspecting broken links on your website. With just one click, the bot inspects through all the HTML and CSS elements of the website and the links found on your site such as internal page links, image links, etc.

For every link found, Dr. Link Check performs multiple tests to ensure that the link is authentic and valid. It will check if the website is blacklisted for having malicious active content.

Moreover, the tool will check for the format of the URL and see whether the server responds quickly or not upon clicking on the site. It will also check if your site has a valid SSL certificate as it offers data protection so that your private information or important data isn’t accessed by hackers.

Dr. Link Check would also check if the link is directed to the intended website having useful content and doesn’t contain fishy ads.

Another noteworthy feature of the broken link checker is it compiles all of the links found on the webpage along with additional details for each website such as link type, whether it’s blacklisted or not, media type, etc. You can export the statistics into an excel file and check the status for every URL easily in a sorted manner.

Instead of running the tool manually, you can schedule checks so the tool runs automatically daily, weekly or monthly and you can receive the complete report in your inbox. In this way, you can detect the broken links early and fix them.

All in all, Dr. Link Check is a handy tool that is very easy to use and perfect for SEO experts who want to check any website for broken or blacklisted links. Purchase a plan that best suits your budget.

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