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7+ Best places, websites, and apps to sell feet pics.


This article will guide you through the best places, websites, and apps to sell feet pics, helping you make informed choices and maximize your earnings. we will provide a comprehensive guide on successfully selling feet pics and earning money online.

In recent years, there has been a surge in the demand for unique and specialized content, including foot pictures. Whether it’s for foot enthusiasts, artists, or individuals looking to earn some extra income, selling feet pics has become a viable opportunity.

Sell feet pics – Introduction

In today’s digital age, selling feet pictures has emerged as a unique and unconventional way to earn income. The demand for feet pictures is growing, driven by various factors such as fetish interests, artistic pursuits, and social media trends. 

Our aim is to explore the world of selling feet pictures, highlighting the financial benefits, personal empowerment, and the considerations involved.

Popular Platforms for Selling Feet Pics:

If you’re looking for alternative platforms to sell feet pics besides OnlyFans, here are some options to consider:


FeetFinder is a specialized platform where users can buy and sell foot-related content. It is designed specifically for feet enthusiasts and allows you to list your feet pics for sale or offer custom content. 


Patreon is a popular platform that allows creators to monetize their content and build a subscription-based fan community. You can create different membership tiers and offer exclusive feet pics and content to your subscribers.


Instafeet is a website where you can sell feet pics directly to interested buyers. It provides a marketplace where you can create a profile, upload your photos, set your prices, and interact with potential customers. 


Reddit has various subreddits dedicated to selling feet pics, such as r/FeetPicSales or r/sexsells. These subreddits allow you to post and sell your feet pics directly to interested buyers. Be sure to review and follow their community guidelines and rules. 

Social media platforms: 

You can leverage popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, or TikTok to promote and sell your feet pics. Build a following by sharing enticing previews and direct interested users to a platform where they can purchase your content, such as OnlyFans or Patreon. 

Mobile Apps for Selling Feet Pics: 

  1. FeetFolio 
  • FeetFolio is a popular mobile app designed exclusively for selling feet pics.
  • It offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive interface and navigation.
  • The app has a dedicated user base of foot enthusiasts and potential buyers.
  • The pricing structure of FeetFolio is competitive, enabling sellers to set their desired rates.
  • To make the most of FeetFolio, regularly update your portfolio, respond promptly to inquiries, and leverage social media for marketing. 
  1. FootExposure 
  • FootExposure is a feature-rich app that provides a platform for foot pic sellers.
  • It offers various features such as in-app messaging, profile customization, and content promotion.
  • The user base of FootExposure comprises foot fetishists, artists, and photography enthusiasts.
  • The app charges a small fee for using its services, ensuring sellers have a reliable platform to monetize their foot pics.
  • To thrive on FootExposure, focus on niche-specific content creation, engage with the community, and establish yourself as a reputable seller. 
  1. InstaFeet 
  • InstaFeet is a mobile app catering to the foot pic market, providing a platform for buyers and sellers.
  • The app has gained popularity due to its social media-like interface and ease of use.
  • InstaFeet allows sellers to set their own prices and manage their portfolios efficiently.
  • The app charges a nominal fee for premium features and provides secure payment options.
  • To excel on InstaFeet, utilize hashtags and trends, engage with followers, and consistently update your profile.

Tips for Selling Feet Pics Successfully: 

  1. High-quality photography techniques: Invest in a good camera or smartphone with excellent image quality to capture appealing foot pictures.
  2. Importance of foot care and hygiene: Maintain proper foot care, ensure cleanliness, and consider professional pedicures to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your feet.
  3. Building a brand and establishing an online presence: Create a unique brand identity, use social media platforms to promote your work, and interact with potential buyers.
  4. Setting competitive prices: Research the market, and consider your experience, quality of work, and demand to set prices that attract buyers while ensuring fair compensation for your efforts.
  5. Engaging with potential buyers and maintaining professionalism: Respond promptly to inquiries, provide exceptional customer service, and maintain professionalism throughout your interactions. 


The market for selling feet pics offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to monetize their unique assets and artistic skills. By leveraging the best platforms, websites, and apps available, and implementing effective strategies such as high-quality photography, foot care, brand-building, and engaging with buyers, you can thrive in this growing niche market. Explore the options presented in this article, and embark on your feet pic selling journey with confidence.

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