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Is Seeking Alpha Cost Worth It?

What Is Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha is a crowdsourced investment research platform founded in 2004 by David Jackson. It is a community-based platform powered by over 15,000 unique contributors and more than 20 million monthly visitors. David’s idea when he launched this platform was to build a place where investors could share ideas and hone their strategies, and everyone would benefit from it.

With seeking alpha, you will have access to all the regular tools you’d expect from an investment research platform, including real-time updates, stock ratings, and email alerts. Still, it also offers some unique features like full compatibility with brokerages so that you can export your picks from Seeking Alpha in a matter of seconds, access Top Ideas from established contributors, and more. The Seeking Alpha App is available on Android and iOS devices.

What’s The Difference Between Seeking Alpha Premium And PRO?

The Seeking Alpha Premium and the Seeking Alpha PRO include basic plan perks like email alerts, real-time updates, and Wall Street ratings for all stocks. The Premium plan provides access to Seeking Alpha Author Rating & Performance, plus Stock Quant Ratings and Stock Dividend Grades.

The PRO plan includes everything from the premium plan, plus PRO content & newsletters, idea screeners, and VIP services. Additionally, it comes with complete access to Top Ideas, highly curated ideas chosen from the most established Seeking Alpha contributors who have a history of accurate predictions.

If you want to want to learn more about Seeking Alpha, we recommend checking out our full breakdown of all the features of this platform in this Seeking Alpha review.

How Much Is An Annual Subscription To Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha offers one free plan and two paid subscriptions, with annual fees ranging from $119 to $2,400. The Seeking Alpha platform is available worldwide and doesn’t require any special sign-up requirement. Here are the plans you can choose from (keep in mind these are the prices assuming you use our discount link to sign up):

  • Basic Plan: Free
  • Premium Plan: $119/year (or $29.99/month)
  • PRO Plan: $2,400/year (or $299.99/month)

If you use our link to sign up, you will get the Seeking Alpha Premium Subscription Coupon applied automatically; that is, a 50% discount on the Premium plan or a 30% discount on the PRO plan.

So, instead of paying $239/year for the Premium plan, you will only pay $199/year. Similarly, for the PRO plan, instead of paying $3,600/year, you will only pay $2,400/year.

Additionally, with our link, you will unlock a 14-day free trial with unlimited access to all the investment analysis tools. If at the end of the trial you decide this platform is not for you, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back, no questions asked.

Is Seeking Alpha Premium Subscription Worth It?

Yes – Seeking Alpha Premium is worth subscribing to. Seeking Alpha’s stock picks have outperformed the S&P 500 reliably, particularly their Strong Buy picks. Since Seeking Alpha was launched in 2004, it has averaged 24% higher returns than the S&P 500.

These are our recommendations based on what you’re looking for:

  • If you want to test the basic features, we recommend the basic Seeking Alpha plan
  • If you are looking to upgrade after testing out the basic plan and the 14-day trial, we recommend the Seeking Alpha Premium for its balance between advanced research tools and affordable subscription
  • If you’re a very experienced trader or fund manager and you’re looking for the most advanced stock screeners, brokerage compatibility, and comprehensive access to financial statements and more, we recommend the Seeking Alpha PRO plan

How Much Do Seeking Alpha Contributors Make?

As a Seeking Alpha contributor, you can make money by writing articles; the base rate for exclusive articles is between $40-$60 or $10 per thousand pageviews. Keep in mind that you will only make money from exclusive articles – that is, articles that are only published on Seeking Alpha and are not available anywhere else (online or offline).

How Can You Get Paid As A Seeking Alpha Contributor?

There are two main ways you can earn money and get paid as a Seeking Alpha contributor: Fixed Payment Articles or through their Premium Partnership Program. However, before contributing, you must sign up as a Seeking Alpha Contributor. The process is very quick and won’t take more than a couple of minutes; here are the steps:

  • Visit Seeking Alpha website
  • Log in to your account
  • Click Become a Contributor
  • Open the submission interface
  • Choose the type of article

It’s very important that you choose Premium Article, as regular articles can’t be monetized. After you complete the submission, your article will be reviewed by the editorial team at Seeking Alpha, and you will receive an email with editorial feedback letting your know your article has been published. Depending on the article you choose, here are the two main ways you can get paid:

Fixed Payment Articles

Fixed Payment Articles are based on scarcity. For example, if there aren’t enough articles about a particular ticker, stock, or ETF – usually less than two published in the last 55 days –, Seeking Alpha offers a $40 fixed payment. This can go as high as $60 if no articles have been published in the last 75 days, and you can keep track of all the undercovered articles from the Seeking Alpha website.

Premium Partnership Program

With the Premium Partnership Program, you can earn a regular income based on how many people read your article. The standard rate is $10 per thousand page views (for exclusive articles), which is considerably higher than the standard in the industry. If you write an outstanding article, it may be selected as a Pro Top Idea by the editorial team at Seeking Alpha, and you will get a guaranteed payment of $500.

Contributor Perks And Benefits

Seeking Alpha contributors have exclusive access to Networking Events in the US, where you can meet some of the greatest financial minds and learn from the best. All authors can also apply for a Seeking Alpha Certification and, when approved, use their certified writer badge when publishing posts anywhere on the web. Top writers may also have the chance to be featured in major media outlets, including TV, radio, media print, and conferences.

Seeking Alpha is worth it for writers and investors alike – they also takes care to protect your articles and retain them in their archives, ensuring that any link back to your articles will not be broken.

Can You Trust Seeking Alpha?

Yes, Seeking Alpha is a safe and trustworthy platform. It has over 20 million monthly users and more than 15,000 unique contributors. Seeking Alpha has excellent reviews from most users and averages a 4.2 rating out of 5 on Trustpilot. Here’s what some of the users had to say:

  • “Recently I had reason to contact Seeking Alpha regarding some information about a stock I was holding. I wanted to know if their info checked out in one specific area. I have to say; I was pleasantly surprised by how they handled it all.” – Barry A.
  • “I have been with SA for about two years, and I am quite satisfied with their product. It is quite helpful for new and for experienced investors. You can find a lot of useful analyses from different contributors and vast data about specific companies or sectors.” – Aleksandar L.
  • “I made a mistake with my subscription plan, which was my fault, and instead of letting me down, within 24 hours, the customer service (special thanks to Nandini again) replied to me and offered the best and by far most fair solution I could hope for, which is not the standard these days.” – Sebastian E.
  • “Two things I appreciate the most are The wide variety of opinions/authors, some with diametrically opposing viewpoints; sifting through this material is always a learning experience. The extreme depth and quality of research that some authors contribute-nothing short of amazing.” – Kenneth E.

If you are still not sure if this platform is for you, we recommend checking our Seeking Alpha vs. Motley Fool, where we go in-depth and compare two of the biggest stock advice platforms in the US.

Is There A Way To Get Seeking Alpha For Free

Yes – Seeking Alpha has a 14-day free trial for investors who use our Seeking Alpha Premium Subscription Coupon to sign up.

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