Security Risks Associated with Increasing Use of Drones to Drive Anti-Drone Market

The anti-drone market is witnessing a massive increase in popularity around the world. The global anti-drone market is expanding as a result of the growing number of illegal operations carried out with the assistance of a drone. Drones are picking up steam in a range of applications, which has boosted the demand for anti-drone systems.

As per Transparency Market Research, the global anti-drone market is anticipated to expand significantly during the forecast period (2020 to 2030).

The aerospace and defense industry are increasingly using anti-drone systems due to the rising security breaches caused by unidentified drones. For example, in April 2016, a British Airways flight was struck by a drone in San Francisco, inflicting minor damage to the aircraft and raising severe safety concerns. Moreover, drones are being used by adversaries and insurgent groups for surveillance and attacking military bases and borders. Such incidents have forced the development of advanced anti-drone systems capable of identifying, tracking, and disabling the drone while also locating its operator. As a result, various military forces are already focusing on improving their anti-drone capabilities. In this regard, the Japanese Ministry of Defense invested USD 20 million to research and develop anti-drone technology in 2021. Similarly, the Indian Navy approved a contract in December 2020 for the procurement of a batch of counter-drone weapon systems capable of knocking down high-speed hostile drones.

In addition, Smart Shooter, an Israeli company, introduced SMASH 2000 fire control systems in 2021. The SMASH 2000 is a battle-tested fire control system that can be placed in a variety of small weapons and used to shoot down enemy drones. Such technological advancements and increasing spending in research and development are expected to drive the anti-drone market growth during the forecast period.

High Demand from Commercial Sector to Boost Anti-Drone Market

The commercial sector is likely to have considerable demand for anti-drone systems. The growing demand for anti-drone systems in various commercial areas, such as airports, prisons, live functions, and critical infrastructure, is expected to boost the anti-drone market growth. In addition, photographers and videographers are increasingly using drones for personal purposes, which spells trouble since drones can potentially be unauthorized and irrelevant (unfriendly or related to terrorist attacks). These incidents have resulted in an increase in demand for anti-drone devices from private enterprises or local law enforcement authorities for safety reasons.

Anti-Drone Market to Maintain Steady Growth Post COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on the global anti-drone market. The global market witnessed a decline of 1-3% in 2020. While technological developments are expected to propel the global anti-drone market to greater horizons throughout the projected period, supply chain disruptions combined with cross-border trade restrictions are expected to trigger delays in the completion of raw material and component consignments, notably from China. While market growth is expected to be slower than expected, demand for anti-drone systems and technologies is expected to rise at a steady rate post-COVID-19 pandemic as governments continue to develop their defense capabilities.

Anti-Drone Market to Benefit from Innovative Products with Cutting-Edge Technology

Manufacturers are incorporating various drone-recognition systems into their new anti-drone frameworks to increase performance. Several frameworks rely on different ways to identify these aircraft systems. Radar-based identification, electro-optical (EO) and infrared radiation (IR) detection, and radio-recurrence (RF) detection are all modern drone identification and detection approaches. In addition, RF jamming is a well-known technique for preventing drones from flying in unapproved airspace. Jamming disrupts the radio connection between the framework and its administrator. In the future years, the global anti-drone market is expected to be buoyed by new product lines that incorporate cutting-edge technology.

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