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Secure Your Business’s Future with Brand Protection Software Tools


The global Brand Protection Software Market size is estimated to surpass USD 1.1 billion by 2030, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.6% during the forecast period, 2022–2030. This growth is attributed to the increasing need for intellectual assets protection and authentication across industries.

What is Brand Protection?

The process and activities businesses undergo to ensure the safety of intellectual property from counterfeiting are identified as brand protection solutions. Companies or individuals require to deploy advanced security tools to shield business trademarks from being used without any authorization on the internet. These tools help in detecting and mitigating the online misuse of your business’s intellectual properties.

How to Protect Your Brand?

A brand’s identity includes a logo, trademark, name, slogan, and other visual aspects such as color scheme and font, among others. Trademark shielding is crucial in strengthening the business’s image over the long term. It takes years to build strong brand awareness in the online and offline worlds, and when businesses have it, they must protect branding all the time from any potential misuse.

Below are some of the tactics that can be followed for online and Offline brand protection

  • Trademark Search and Application: It is the process followed to identify any prior identical or similar trademark that exists in the registration directories in the specified area. If you find any similar trademark with similar services or products already registered, it is possible to change it before registering, so to avoid any copyright issues in the future. Legal assistance from patent attorneys can save time and resources.

After ensuring the trademark is unique, it should be applied for registration. It is important to know the future plans and direction of the business so that the trademark can be registered in advance for future products and services.

  • Monitoring: Infringement of brand identity happens often on the internet, which is why it is necessary to monitor online platforms for any misuse. Services provided by IP law firms for monitoring and alerting unauthorized practices can be highly useful in protecting intellectual assets.
  • Prevention: If any unauthorized or misuse of the intellectual assets such as name, image, product features, or any other content is found during monitoring entrepreneurs can attempt to resolve it amicably through negotiation or contract formation. On the other hand, s/he can also pursue civil action against the opposite party. In both situations, the trademark owner has the right to seek discontinuance of brand trademark use from the opposition parties.

Online Brand Protection Software

One of the best ways to ensure online brand safety is by deploying software solutions to automatically detect and process numerous copyright violations in real-time. The solutions are useful in processing and tackling the most harmful offenders on a priority basis.

Benefits of using an online brand protection tool

  • The search bot in the technology solution automatically performs an advanced image search or text search to identify any potential copyright violation and request their removal to concerned parties and/or platforms.
  • Thousand of violations can be automatically detected and reported in one go.
  • The solution can stay active and running 24/7, enabling companies to use brand protection services on a real-time basis.
  • The technology solutions are capable of becoming intelligent with regular operations on data. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the technology tool becomes smart enough to identify patterns and text content used by other parties in order to effectively control it.

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Key Insights

  • The growing need for brand authentication and safety is expected to boost the use of online brand security tools across the sectors,
  • Industries that use intellectual property protection software on a regular basis are IT & Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Consumer Goods & Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, and Energy & Utilities among others.
  • OpSec, Incopro, Coresearch, Red Points, RiskIQ, and PhishLabs are some of the key providers of brand safety solutions.
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