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Rise Of The Super App: An Opportunity Or Threat?

There is an app for everything these days. Brands are concentrating on a smart app to deliver their consumers a seamless experience. However, many are even focusing on delivering their potential users with apps that provide a range of services under one roof, which boosts a new concept called ‘super apps.’ 

With the rise of super apps, many are confused and want to know whether it’s an opportunity or threat for their business. We have listed everything over here to help them solve their doubts. 

COVID-19 spread has changed the way businesses operate. A digital presence was considered a choice in the past, but it has become a necessity. As more than 63% of the population worldwide has its presence online, it’s a wise choice for brands to be on the platform where most of their customers are. 

Individuals have apps serving different purposes like fresh meal delivery, video streaming, and more. But the issue is that individuals need to download numerous apps to get all their day-to-day work done. To solve people’s pain points and provide them with lots of services under one roof, a new model came into the spotlight: the Super app.

What are super apps?

A super app allows users to get numerous services under one roof. For example, Gojek, an all-in-one service solution, makes it easier to have a spectrum of services with few clicks. So, whether satisfying your craving or having to reach any place on time, you can have all your necessities met right through one solution. 

Why are super apps gaining popularity?

Are you wondering why a super app like Gojek seized so much popularity? The answer is here. Check a few key takeaways to know why such apps gained popularity among customers and why you must consider deploying the same for your business. 

  • The all-in-one service platform, Gojek, enables you to target large customer groups easily.
  • Decreased KYC (know your customers) costs.
  • Minimize the making charges, as you don’t have to spend on multiple app development.
  • With broader functionalities, the super app helps you attract more customers.
  • It helps to engage more customers.
  • Get more investment.

There are many benefits that an app like Gojek delivers to customers and enterprises, which has increased their popularity among both parties. South East Asia’s super app Gojek had more than 80% of website traffic in Indonesia in 2021, followed by Singapore, Vietnam, and the United States. 

Gojek and Grab initially started courier delivery and cab-hailing service, delivering multiple services to Indonesians and other individuals worldwide. Both tech startups struggle to win the super app battle in Indonesia and other countries. They constantly focus on offering their customers a personalized and seamless experience. 

Is the rise of super apps an opportunity or threat for business ventures?

Tech evolution and the mobility age have resulted in an increasing number of mobile app users to a great extent. Due to their busy schedules, most people are looking for solutions that help them get all their work done quickly. According to a Statista report, more than 67% of consumers in the US are interested in integrating multiple digital experiences in a single super app. 

More customers nowadays expect to use apps integrated with online payments, commerce programs, and more under a single app. Super apps are growing in many countries like Southeast Asia, India, and more. 

Having insight into the data, we can conclude that the super app is here to stay for longer. It can also consider an opportunity for many businesses willing to take their venture online. Here, let’s check how a super app like Gojek provides more opportunities for your entrepreneurs. 

1. Minimizes development costs

The first thing that comes to business owners’ minds when choosing to opt for a new concept is cost. If so, you need to understand that creating an app for a single-purpose service can cost you more than all-in-one app development. 

Find the cost to develop a super app like Gojek first. This will help you make better decisions without spending more on deployment. You will indeed find that creating a multi-purpose banded solution costs compared with single-purpose development. 

2. App retention rate

Do you know that more than 77% of users don’t use an app after its purpose is completed? They have many apps on their mobile device; hence they prefer to delete the app within 72 hours of installation. 

If you don’t want your branded solution to fail on the same list, then it’s wise to offer multiple services with a branded app similar to Gojek. 

3. Broder your business reach and customer base

When you have a food ordering or taxi platform, food lovers willing to order hot feasts or those who want to get an instant cab will use your branded app. 

But if you’re providing a multi-purpose app like Gojek, you can cater to the growing needs of many customers for the different services you’re providing. This will surely broaden your customer base and business reaches simultaneously. 

What does the future for super apps look like?

In the age of convenience, where most people are willing to pay higher to brands for quick and satisfying services, super apps have a long way to go. Looking at the rising super app market, many entrepreneurs choose to invest in this new concept and provide their customers with quick access to almost every service they offer. 

Many delivery giants like Grab, WeChat, and more have opted for this model, while many choose to go with the one during pandemic spread. The best example of this is food delivery giants like Zomato and ride-hailing platform Uber, which started offering day-to-day essential delivery services to meet the increasing demand of people during the period. 

Summing up

The main aim for most businesses is to stay on top of their customer’s minds, and how can they do so? It’s simply by offering multiple services to them on their demand. We hope this blog has provided you with insight into the rise of super apps and have clear ideas about whether it’s an opportunity or threat, right?  

However, if you are operating more than one service business traditionally, then you have a chance to take it online with a single solution like Gojek. Hurry up, take the support of an app development firm, opt for super app development and join the race of super apps right away.

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