Cost of an App Similar to Instagram – What it Takes (2023)


It is fair to say that the way we look at social media has completely evolved over the years and with the way trends are picking up and the emergence of TikTok and other visually appealing platforms, even Instagram has stayed relevant and is currently one of the top social media platforms for users to showcase their creativity through pictures, connecting with a wider network of brands, celebrities, friends, family, and anyone else. 

Also, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing platform and now covers video as well. And on top of that, the sharing features are built with different features and elements that assure Instagram stands out from the rest. We are talking about Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Instagram Direct, and many more exclusive titles. 

If you are looking to upscale and are trying to get into social media. Instagram is the go-to platform to take inspiration from. See how Instagram has progressed over the years and the total cost it takes to build such an app.

Journey of Instagram

Instagram was founded in 2010 and has come a long way since then. Once Facebook took over and incorporated Instagram into a much bigger ecosystem, things changed. In 2021, as Facebook went through a rebranding process and became part of Meta – we saw Instagram becoming video-reliant and embracing the concept of augmented reality and the Metaverse as a whole. 

Instagram is going through an experimental stage right now and so far, it has been successful. The introduction of Reels was Instagram’s part of becoming more video-based and going beyond just photos. Brands and content creators have accepted Reels to be a core part of their strategy now. 

Similarly, Instagram is evolving into something bigger and the plan is to continue to lead the markets. What you can learn from here is that your digital product should not necessarily be inclined towards one goa. Try to stay diverse and keep updating the app after launch. 

Noteworthy Features on Instagram 

Now, coming to the main concern, look at the kind of features you should look into and adapt into your own app. Instagram has a lot to offer. Make sure that the features you decide to communicate while looking to hire an android application developer are well understood and align well with the overall structure of the app. 

Here is what we think you should include: 

  • Account sign-up and setup 
  • Messaging feature 
  • Uploading videos and photos 
  • Editing videos and photos 
  • Sharable to other social media platforms 

And there is a lot more to cover but we mentioned the most essential features. Additionally, there is push notifications, geolocation, search option, etc. When it comes to the cost of implementing all these features, the development hours required should also be looked at. It is a major factor in defining the overall app. 

Setting up a profile structure and creating the UX/UI design around it can take anywhere over 60 hours of total time and the cost adds up accordingly. And the hours will continue to accumulate depending on how complex the project is. 

Focusing on an MVP 

A key factor in saving up both the cost of an app and the total development time it takes is to be in the right direction and implement steps that would assure productivity. Going ahead with a minimum viable product (MVP) will ensure that there is more room for error and testing. 

A lot of companies end up spending a lot during the development stage as the cost keeps adding up due to last minute revisions. Making changes to a final product requires more focus on the technical side. With an MVP, that problem no longer occurs. 

An MVP is designed to be a testing space where reviews and feedback can be fully implemented. It is a cost-effective initiative that we suggest you go ahead with. 

And a lot of times, an MVP is more than enough to get the requirements you need from an app and it delivers. The usual range for a mobile app MVP is $5000 to $50000 and obviously, it is a rough estimate. 

Cost of an App Like Instagram 

Now, if we look at an app like Instagram in particular, even if you go for an affordable MVP approach, the cost will look anywhere around $55,000 to $65,000 and that depends on the UX/UI design, the features, the functions, the overall complexity, and your own unique innovative touch to it. 

Before heading to the development and design side, prepare a proper long-term business strategy with the mobile apps development Houston company you partner up with and evaluate how the app will help your brand. Developing an app like Instagram can be an overwhelming process if the steps are not clearly defined and followed. 

Again, a major factor in defining the cost is the number of hours put in and where the development team is based out of. 

Assuming it takes 1100 hours to develop an app and you are in contact with the development staff in South Asia or Western Europe, the hourly rates will be defined by the region. Ultimately, it is better to go for an overseas staff. In a globalized world, even communication is not a problem anymore.

Final Thoughts

And this is where we conclude when it comes to the cost of an app similar to Instagram. Make sure that the communication bridge ceases to exist if you are going for a custom software development service based company. Product development is a long worthwhile journey and there will be a lot of stakeholders. 

The process will only be seamless when everyone is on the same page and everything is agreed upon. This is who you will most likely be dealing with: 

  • Frontend and backend developers 
  • UX/UI designers 
  • Quality assurance (QA) engineers 
  • Research and development analysts 
  • Business analysts 
  • Software engineers 

And it remains an open room for anyone to join. When dealing with so many people, things will fall into place when you have a blueprint ready. Build a rough hierarchy and proceed with the app development idea. The future is bright for Instagram and all the apps inspired by it. 

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