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Revolutionizing Remote Work with eSIMs

Technology does not stand still. Their active development takes place every year. This also applies to mobile communications. Not so long ago, users learned about the existence of a replacement for the usual plastic SIM cards: the eSIM card. In many ways, this technology simplifies all aspects related to connecting devices to mobile communications and the Internet.

With the development of remote work, these advantages of eSIM cards make them indispensable assistants for workflow. Let’s talk about what a virtual SIM Card is and how it has simplified workflows for remote workers.

What is eSIM, and how it works

So, a virtual SIM card is a chip that is built into the motherboard of the device. It has its own 10 MHz processor, as well as built-in memory and its own operating system.

In terms of its basic capabilities, a digital SIM card is similar to a familiar SIM card. With it, you can make calls, send SMS, and access the Internet.

The electronic SIM card stores data about your telecom operator and the connected data plan. The convenience is that you can download this data remotely. That is, if you need to change the operator or data plan, you can do this without contacting the communication stores. It will be enough to take the data from your operator or install a special application, such as Yesim, in the App Store or Play Market. Many Android and iPhone users have already started using this application and are fully enjoying all the benefits of virtual SIM Cards. With this application, you can link your virtual number to different operators from around the world, use a VPN, and use the Internet while traveling without overpaying.

The benefits of eSIM when working remotely

The main advantages of the eSIM network

Before we talk about how eSIM cards have changed remote work, let’s look at the main advantages of a virtual SIM Card. By choosing eSIM card technology, the user receives the following benefits:

  • Compactness. The built-in module is almost two times smaller than the nano-SIM common in smartphones. This frees up space for more memory, more battery capacity, and other options.
  • Fewer holes in the gadget therefore, its best protection from dust and moisture.
  • No need to visit the salon of a mobile operator. You can choose and connect to the optimal starter package online.
  • Map stationarity. eSIM cards are already built into the card, so the subscriber does not have to rearrange SIM cards all the time to switch to a specific number. It is enough to configure the gadget to serve packages.
  • The ability to activate a virtual SIM card profile on several devices at the same time, for example, on a smartphone and work tablet. This allows you to always be in touch, regardless of which gadget is used at a particular moment. The main thing is to know which phones support digital SIM cards and what other devices are available.
  • More effective protection of your smartphone and other equipment from theft. In case of theft, the robber will not be able to throw away the SIM card, so hiding the location will not work either. Moreover, in order to enter the data of a new eSIM card account, he will need to enter the password of the account being deleted.

After analyzing the above, we can say with confidence that all these advantages more than help with remote work.

  1. First and foremost, when using an eSIM card, you can choose the most profitable operator with the best offer for you, which will allow you to save a decent amount.
  2. The second important aspect is the ability to connect to several numbers, one of which, for example, you can link to work, the second to your family, and the third to calls to clients. You will not need to buy three devices, for all this, just one is enough. This will help save money on devices and SIM cards.
  3. Also, using the Yesim application, you can connect with an operator that is beneficial to you almost all over the world, which will allow you to travel and not be interrupted from work. You live and work in Spain for a month, then in France, then in Bali. An electronic SIM card will make such transfers as convenient as possible, and most importantly, regardless of the country and operator, you can leave your old numbers.
  4. Another important plus is the ability to connect multiple devices to one eSIM card. A laptop, tablet, phone, or smartwatch, are all connected to one operator. You will always have access to the internet globally, which will allow you to manage all your affairs from a distance.


With the development of eSIM cards, working remotely has become much easier and more convenient. This is an indisputable fact. More and more companies and freelancers are using this technology on their devices.

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