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When Apple failed to provide its Maps and GPS navigation software for the iPhone on time, Google risked leaving Apple consumers few alternative navigating choices. However, rather than creating a buzz against Apple, Google responded with an entirely new independent iOS version of Google Maps. Google made it available for free in order to reclaim their maps supremacy in the Apple iOS6 environment.

This brief guide from Nextgenphone about Google Maps default on iPhone will tell you if the Google maps application has excelled the expectations and what features are enhanced:

With the release of its iOS Maps application, Google exceeded expectations:

When it came to the Google maps default on iPhone, Google surprised everyone with how fast the software was developed and how well it served the needs of iPhone users and even Apple. In the end, it generated a high-quality product that functions effectively and is competitive in the field of smartphone navigation applications.

It succeeds in a few key areas, which are as follows:

Directions: There are voice-guided instructions for all modes of public transportation, including trains and buses and subways and footpaths in the app. Traffic detection and avoidance are also included.

Search: With the use of Google’s strong Local Search function, Google Maps provides an address and business/points-of-interest search. Using Google as your login allows you to sync searches and bookmarks.

Street view: The Google maps default on iPhone provides users with street-level imagery as well as touch-controlled panoramas of locations all around the world. Additionally, it has high-resolution satellite images from across the globe as well as a tight connection to Google’s Earth-based imaging and mapping application.

With Google’s extensive worldwide research and fine-tuning of its maps, you’ll receive the most up-to-date and accurate information possible about your location.

Street names are spoken out, and turn-by-turn directions are provided:

Thanks to its turn-by-turn instructions and spoken street names, Google Maps is one of the best iPhone GPS navigation apps out now. The software calculates directions rapidly and provides the best street names and routes in a pleasant, clear and highly human-sounding voice.

Instructions are available in two formats: a classic map view with a route line and blue arrow or a text list of directions with arrows highlighting key points.

Speed and simplicity

Vector-based visuals, rather than bitmapped graphics, are used by default Google maps on iPhone to enable maps to render and scale more rapidly than bitmapped graphics. Maps benefits from Google’s world-class data centers, which are among the world’s most powerful and quickest. The app is also quite efficient at computing and recalculating directions.

App features include search, turn-by-turn instructions, and rapid access to traffic statistics, satellite imagery, public transportation directions, and Google Earth. The Google maps default on the iPhone opening interface is a familiar map rendering with a few signs that regulate the app’s wide-ranging feature set. As there are many navigation applications with cluttered user interfaces, this is a significant achievement in itself.


After a major update in 2013, the Google Maps default app for iPhone was enhanced to allow connection with Apple’s Contacts app. By clicking the microphone icon in the search bar, you may enable Siri and the voice search capability.

Playing nicely with other applications, Google Maps fades in and out of view as necessary but continues to offer spoken turn-by-turn instructions.

When it comes to Google Earth, for those of you who aren’t acquainted, it is an app that allows you to explore satellite pictures of the world in 3D with a simple sweep of your finger. Google Earth, a free program, may be selected from a drop-down menu to obtain a fresh view of your locations.

In general, the Google Maps default application for the iPhone is quick, lightweight, and accurate. Its speed and precision will be appreciated by those who use it for navigating regularly.

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