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React Native vs. Swift – Which One to Pick When Creating An iOS App?

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The iOS app creation process chooses the most efficient and latest development technologies. React Native and Swift are the most compatible technologies to create the iOS application according to the evolving new technologies. The iPhone consumes more than 1 billion customers worldwide in the present scenario.

Any Mobile app development company uses powerful technologies to develop the iOS app. Swift is the invented language by Apple, while React Native is an open-source JavaScript with the latest language preferences.

Choosing anyone from them thoroughly depends upon the variable app development project.

React Native is a powerful and robust JavaScript, and Swift is the trending programming language. The iPhone covers more than 15 percent of the global smartphone market because of its efficient operating system.

Globally this data receives exponential growth at the new launch each year. The React Native vs. Swift with a recent survey, over 65 percent of the app developers, prefer JavaScript as their language over Swift according to the Stack overflow survey.

Still, many of the technologies in iOS are developed with the Swift language.

Swift: an overview

Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language designed by Apple with a general-purpose platform and modern outlook. This language program is useful in building the powerful Apple ecosystem devices and programs like macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

All these programs devices relate to the desktop, watches, and digital media devices. This language is available and distributed in the community with an Apache license.

In addition, Apple uses this language to program the zOS devices that power the IBM mainframe computer program.

React Native: explanation 

React Native is a Facebook-supportive framework useful for building compatible agonistic mobile apps. The ReactJS is a JavaScript program that allows the various native applications to function with different languages.

It is a JavaScript framework that works with unique coding. The users can share the codes on different platforms. These platforms can be Android, iOS, and other web applications used for app development.

On the React Native program, approximately 70 percent of the codes are shared within the applications. The code-sharing process reduces the development time in the cross-platform mobile application development, which is the most significant feature of React Native.

Presently, many platforms like Facebook and Walmart apply the React Native program for consistent mobile application performance.

Swift vs. React Native: Comparison

The mobile application has become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Over a worldwide survey, over 80 percent of people check their mobile applications every 10-15 minutes.

It is a considerable aspect for companies to develop user-friendly applications with automated tools and technology. It is why React Native and Swift are considered for cross-platform application development.

Here is the basic point of consideration for comparing React Native and Swift. Let’s discuss with comprehensive details:

User interfaceReact Native is the open-source platform for cross-platform application development. It uses all the native components for the development with API cross-platform mode. The Swift only uses iOS Native as it is the sole language developed by Apple.

Coding speed: As Swift is the Apple developed language is well versed, elegant, and convenient to use. As it is an Apple-developed program, the Android app is written separately and while using it starts from the beginning each time. The React Native coding is reusable up to 70 percent, and codes for iOS and Android are used with simultaneous compatibility.

Performance: According to the trend, the performance of the Native app is better than the framework programming. The comparison of the performance of React Native and Swift is based on CPU, GPU consumption, and memory usage capability. The CPU consumption in React Native is highly in-efficient, while Swift is efficient in all aspects. In React Native, the memory usage is better than Swift, and the GPU Speed of React Native is moderately efficient than Swift.

Community and supportJavaScript is the most supported and community-friendly language used worldwide. It is used in over 97.9 percent of websites that use this language with high efficiency and compatibility. It is used in many website and application development types of variable frameworks. The Swift language works on the one platform framework and performs in the uni-programming mode with the iOS programming mode.

Stability: React Native does not produce the actual Native programming in the application. It is powered by JavaScript programming and works with the internal API and language for app programming. Here the mediocre is present between the programming platforms and codes. The Swift language is a Native application that performs efficiently and with stability in graphical interfacings and other computing operations.

Documentation processReact Native is a Facebook-developed program, and Swift is Apple native program. Both the programming languages are backed by the powerful tech giant of the industry. Hence both are well-documented and organized in terms of programming and application development. The React Native delivers the more organized and sophisticated tools to support compatible use of coding and with automated delivery of documents. In Swift, this process is quite lengthy and time-consuming.

Platform maturityBoth platforms evolve with new features each day with surprising variations. In Swift, the designed programming language is a forward step of the Objective C language. It’s easier to check the coding, bugs, and flaws in the program in React Native as JavaScript support it.

Development cost:  App development cost is one of the important aspects which impacts the most on comparison of React Native and Swift. The Swift costs are relatively high compared to React Native, but the development cost completely depends upon the OD projects and their associated features and codes.

Talent tool of developers: A high ratio of developers’ talent and performance is more connected to React Native than Swift. The React Native development company is increasing as it comprises the powerful JavaScript language. Most high-tech companies prefer developers proficient in React Native than Swift proficient programmers.

Difference between React Native and Swift on an application basis: 

Most of the application appears similar on the iOS platform and Android platform. However, there is a discernible difference between the application’s React Native and Swift language.

Let’s discuss the few points where the difference is notified:

Performance and Features: According to the data and features, the application with swift language produces a bloated appearance.

Programming: The programming in React Native is quite better than Swift instead of using the best UX designs.

Technology: The Javascript technology in React Native delivers powerful and rich content compared to the Swift language.


The programming and development on the digital platform by building the reformed tools by reusing the old ones. It is a schizophrenic paradigm that most tech companies are following with evolving the programming languages with new features each day.

The individuals are updated with all the new features to attain expertise over the specific language.

This type of upgrading provides them with outperforming career expertise with the best technology companies. For any developer, it’s necessary to update their knowledge as per the evolving trends.

It will help them walk the technological evolution with high-tech knowledge to develop user-engaging and automated applications with high-end encryption and unified coding.

It will also elevate the security and safety aspects of the application by unique coding and personalized features.

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