Top 5 Programming Languages ​​You Must Learn by 2022

The community of programmers and developers is emerging at a faster rate than ever. In fact, the profession of a programmer is today one of the most demanded in the job market.

If you have been involved in this world of programming, you have surely found out that there are quite a few programming languages. This article is intended for people who want to learn to code or for developers who want to improve their skills in software development by 2022.

Here I am going to present you 5 programming languages ​​that I consider to be the best options to learn in 2022 and they will also help you out in the Future. The languages ​​that I chose are widely used in the IT industry and have many benefits. If you master any of these programming languages, you can land your ideal job (and salary).

Before moving forward towards the programming languages let’s answer the question.

What is computer programming?

Programming is the process used to devise and order the actions necessary to carry out a project. Prepare certain machines or devices to start working at the time and in the desired way, or develop programs for use on computers.

Here is a brief detail about the programming.

Top 5 Programming Languages ​​You Must Learn by 2022


If you want to be a web developer you definitely have to learn JavaScript. It is a very easy programming language to learn and it can be used for practically everything. You can develop web applications, servers, desktop applications, and even mobile applications.

JavaScript is very important in front-end development, just mastering this language will not be enough to be a good front-end developer, there are other skills that you have to master, but the wonderful thing is that when you already mastered JavaScript, you learn to use a new framework or bookstore becomes an easy and fun task. One of the most famous JavaScript libraries is React.

JavaScript is one of the programming languages ​​with the most demand according to the statistics made by Stack Overflow for 2019. In addition, it is the language to create the web and will continue to be for a long time.


Python has become very popular in these few years. Most startups, data scientists and innovative companies like Google use this programming language very frequently. Python has been adopted by many programmers and mathematicians because it is very easy to learn despite having an object-oriented approach.

Like JavaScript, it is not enough just to know the Python language, but also to know how to use frameworks and libraries. Frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Flask are designed for web and software development and will generally ask you for knowledge of one of these for a position.

If you come from a mathematical field you will have to know about frameworks like Pandas and NumPy. Since Python gets along very well with data science and with branches such as machine learning. The versatility of the language is one of the reasons why many companies have decided to bet on Python.

Stack Overflow statistics indicate that Python is currently the most requested language. This means that many companies have already discovered the potential of the language and are actively beginning to hire Python developers. Mastering Python is definitely a good investment for your professional career, this language is not going anywhere.


The language created by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (currently from Oracle) has been around for a long time and is still widely used in this industry. Many systems still use Java. That’s why there is a lot of demand for Java developers.

There is a lot of experience and documentation in this language thanks to its long journey. Java has evolved in the right way and will continue to be a language with a lot of presence in this technological world. Learning this programming language may not be as easy as Python or JavaScript due to its somewhat strict paradigm. But mastering this language will bring you many benefits in your professional career.

Java was chosen as the default language for developing Android applications. Although Kotlin has also become an official language for developing Android applications. But there are many projects and documentation that have not yet fully replaced Java. A substitute may not be the right word in this case, but learning Java to develop Android applications is still a highly requested skill.

There are also frameworks or tools like Spring or Hibernate. That allows you to create Java applications in a fast and concrete way. Most of the developers still use Java for many reasons and if you are good at java you will get a lot of job offers if you know this programming language.

C #

C # is a language that you can develop for all platforms as well. Development of video games, internet of things, mobile applications, web and desktop. It has a very similar approach to Java and if you come from an object-oriented programming environment, it will be a short way to master this language.

Microsoft is the creator of C # and it has precisely endeavoured to use it in its operating system, Windows. This C # language has a very corporate market. That is financial, government and medical institutions often use this programming language a lot to create their systems.

You will find a lot of offers in web development and mobile development for this programming language when looking for vacancies. ASP.NET is the framework for web development and the Xamarin tool for developing native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Knowing C # opens up many opportunities in companies that offer support and solutions to corporate institutions (software factories) or in the same institutions.

Swift or Kotlin

Entering the world of mobile development means having to master Swift or Kotlin. If you want to focus on iOS development, learn Swift. And if you want to learn Android application development, first learn Java and then Kotlin.

Developing native mobile applications in cross-platform frameworks or tools such as React Native or Xamarin has become fashionable. But it is important to know that they are still native applications. Which means that it is necessary to reach into both Swift and Kotlin (or Java) to consume APIs from the platform in a traditional way. Handling these languages isn’t an easy task it requires high skills because they are cross platform solutions.

Mobile development is a highly sought skill in the industry. But it is still very difficult to fill that gap as most of the developers are from the web world. For this reason, the salary of a mobile developer is usually higher than that of a web developer.


Mastering a programming language along with frameworks and libraries takes time. So, always try to create projects of what you have learned to practice. Upload the projects you have created on platforms such as GitHub so that you can create your portfolio. Companies are much focused on experience and the portfolio (on GitHub). It’s a good way to show your experience that you have what you say you know.

I hope you liked the article, tell me which is the programming language that you like the most and why.

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