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Raul Francois Russian Morrison Discusses Careers in Oil and Gas

Anyone looking for career ideas should check out what Raul Francois Russian Morrison has to say.

Choosing a career is one of many people’s most important decisions. The right choices could lead to great pay, high satisfaction, and quality of life. One industry is certainly worth a look at regarding careers in the energy industry. Expert Raul Francois Russian Morrison breaks down working in the oil and gas industry.

“Having enjoyed a long career in oil and gas, I can say with utter confidence that the work is often exciting and engaging,” Raul Francois Russian Morrison says. “And at the end of the day, when you work in energy, you know you’ve made positive impacts.”

Raul Francois Russian Morrison Says Passion Is Key

Many people end up stuck in jobs they don’t like. This leads to long hours spent on unenjoyable tasks, and disengagement could result in subpar productivity. This, in turn, could impact someone’s chances of locking down promotions and other major opportunities. With that in mind, a fascinating, dynamic career in the energy sector could pave the way to prosperity for many people.

“One of the best aspects of the oil and gas industry, and indeed energy as a whole, is how diverse the field is,” says Mr. Russian Morrison. “Prefer working in a lab, wearing a white lab coat? Prefer hands-on work in the great outdoors? You’ll find plenty of such opportunities.”

Anyone interested in a career in oil and gas should first ask him or herself what her strengths are. Working in R&D or management could be a great fit if someone is good at math and calculations. Another possibility is to work in sales or investing. Commodities markets are crucial for the global economy and the energy sector too.

Likewise, if someone is handy with tools, there are plenty of opportunities to work on and maintain oil rigs. Hands-on work often leads to the day going by faster, and some folks will simply feel more satisfaction.

Often, oil and gas jobs require working long hours for several days in a row. However, many folks will then enjoy long stretches of time off. It’s not uncommon for an ocean oil rig worker to spend, say, two weeks working on a rig, then enjoying two weeks off after they rotate back to land.

“At first glance, working 14 days in a row, often while putting in long hours, might sound pretty unappealing. However, many rig workers love that schedule because they can get several days off to spend time with family, vacation, whatever.”

Of course, pay matters too. Many jobs in the oil and gas industry offer very high salaries or hourly rates, plus great benefits. An oil rig worker may see their wages start at $30 an hour. Then, on top of that, they might be eligible for overtime pay and other increases.

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