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Rapper Call Me Hood on Creating Waves with His Music

Call Me Hood continues to build a community around his music and his entertainment with videos that visually unveil his work and his particular rap and hip-hop genre. David Mitchell, Hood’s real name, has promoted his music on YouTube since 2015, but fans can also stream his songs on Spotify and iTunes.

HoodGaming TV is one of two YouTube channels where fans can watch Hood’s music and prank videos; the other is Call the Hood. The two channels have 215K subscribers and 22.9K, respectively, but fans can also keep in touch with the latest on  Call Me Hood on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Presenting Hood’s Popular Songs

David is from Omaha, Nebraska, and gaming has played a considerable role in his life since his GMA introduced him to it. He posts his original songs and their videos on YouTube to give his fans instant access to them.

Video games play a significant role in his songs and the video creations for his music, making it evident that he draws a lot of inspiration from them.

Call Me Hood also drops remixes from time to time, like his popular I Think I’m Pacman, with sounds and images from the iconic game and the clever lyrics. Another popular music video by Call Me Hood that entails video games includes Fortnite Vbucks and the problem created by spending all the Vbucks. The song’s video cleverly incorporates battle scenes from the game and the theme song at the beginning as players wait to enter the popular game.

Another song with a strong video gaming presence is his latest song that premiered in early June 2022, Modded PI. Again, David’s flawless rendition is brilliant, as are the downright catchy lyrics.

Another popular song is his Solluminati Diss track, a song “dissing” the famous YouTube personality who discusses a variety of NBA styles, challenges, and reaction videos with over 2.7 million subscribers.

These are some of the singer’s most famous songs, even though he has two older Diss tracks Drift0r and Nedexe, that proved popular with his ShuuWoopNation.

Writing Poplar Songs

“The world is full of inspiration for songs,” says David. “As you know, I find much of it from the video games I play.” Call Me Hood continues, “ When you have a presence on YouTube, there is never a dull moment, and this is another source of inspiration for me.”

One challenge for someone like Hood is finding the time to write since he also likes to take time to prepare his skits and pranks. David is also a businessman in his state and Iowa, where he runs several shops where video gamers can buy, sell or trade video games. His businesses also provide repair services for games.

“I don’t need a particular place or quiet to create a song,” says Hood. “I often find that as I drive to one of my shops, an idea will come to me, and I just make a note of it as soon as I can and work on it later.”

Creating a “Call Me Hood” Community

Creating and keeping a YouTube community takes hard work, as David often points out to his fans on HoodGamingTV. Call Me Hood works diligently to keep his fans posted with new music offerings and prank calls.

The rapper works from his SchuuWoopNation studio, where some of his most famous prank calls get made that have people in stitches over situations like a stolen package by a FedEx driver, the fading tattoo, and more.

As a father and husband, Hood is keenly interested in being a voice for his community. The avid gamer, singer, and entertainer did run for a political position in the past, and it is something he plans to do soon again. “I believe I can provide a solid voice for several issues in our community. The more we care for each other, the better things can become,” says Mitchell. “My work entails sending a message, and violence is not part of that message. That is something I want everyone to understand.”

Summing himself up, David Mitchell, AKA Hood, says, “ I’m just a young black man that loves to make people laugh thanks to my knack for entertaining an audience, and that is what I want to keep doing. If I can help others along the way, then even better!” 

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