RAM NFT Unlocks New Possibilities in NFT Industry

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There is no denying that Blockchain has revolutionized the way we transact. Just as we were learning to buoy the tides of Blockchain, NFTs made an inroad into the tech world, and now blockchain and metaverse have found themselves in a close relationship to create the future of tech. At this point, humanity unlocked another level of unlimited possibilities.

In 2021 alone, NFT transactions accounted for a whopping $23 billion in trade volume. It has triggered a new class of assets and asset holders, turning around the fortune of many people worldwide. However, many projects have been created that led to a dead-end, while some came with and lived up to their expectations.

The ingenuity and financial prospects that come with investing in NFTs have made it a top choice for many markets. Yet, the most pronounced projects make up only about 5% of the total market share. It is also proof that well-thought-out projects with structure and sustainability could be a daunting task.

However, several projects with juicy prospects have come, and if you missed any and are still interested in getting on the next best thing, you should read about RiseAngle, a virtual gaming company rising from California to rule the world by bridging two universes:  NFTs and gaming.

What is RiseAngle?

RiseAngle is a top NFT gaming company known primarily for creating virtuous games with fun features and thematic storytelling. RiseAngle isn’t only the top virtuous gaming company, the company’s unique name references their offering, which is beyond the regular Blockchain experience.

So far, RiseAngle has five games to its name, developed for diverse platforms, and has enjoyed over 300,000 downloads on these platforms. Their widespread download attests to their heavy involvement in the gaming industry. Some of their notable projects include World of Mazes game series and RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFT).

RiseAngle Membership NFT (RAM NFTs)

RAM NFT is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that helps users find the trendiest NFTs to mint in one place. It is a solution-oriented project that lets members get NFTs minted from different collections every month, with exclusive access to 12 unique collections. The ability to mint across various collections will allow handpicking outstanding projects to partake in ownership of some of the most awesome NFT projects.

Before now, NFT memberships have not been patronized and valued as other kinds of NFT projects. However, RiseAngle will be in the same charge, with a unique project that would be the envy of the NFT community. It changes stakeholders’ perspectives from viewing NFTs as projects to feeling it more like an experience.

The RAM NFT project is targeted at engendering inclusion, and it does this by building products and experiences that enrich user identity. RAM NFTs provides users with an exclusive community, NFT collections, and early access to collaborate on NFT projects.

The RAM NFTs is RiseAngle’s biggest move to deliver high premium more value and product offerings to their users and engender a more immersive experience, creating a utopia where users can come to envision NFT as something more authentic than just a collection. The RAM NFT did not just start, though. There have been two generations of RAM NFTs before, and they were a massive success.

RAM NFT Gen 1, also known as first-generation RAM NFT, was released in 2021, with just 400 units in circulation. However, the minting for that generation had closed already. Anyone interested in the 1st generation would have to buy from the current holders on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

RAM NFT Gen 2 was released in June 2022, with only 300 units in circulation, adding a limited number of seats to an already exclusive community of RAM holders.

Already, there are pointers to the fact that the RAM NFT project would become the trendsetter in membership NFT projects. The success of RAM NFT Gen 1 and RAM NFT Gen 2 is proof of the membership concept, and on this front, the RiseAngle’s capacity to deliver is beyond question.

Riding and improving on the impression by RiseAngle, the second generation launched in June 2022. The intro video for RAM NFT was earlier released on Imgur and has crossed over 400,000 views, indicating the expectation and interest of NFT fans. Much of these reactions come from RiseAngle’s Discord community of 40,000+ members, 40,000+ Twitter followers and the ever burgeoning NFT markets.

The excitement in the air is second to none, as people expect an excellent collection pool on the RAM NFT Gens. The project is looking to go beyond just the exclusivity of the collections, the uniqueness of the business model, or its utility. RAM NFTs are bringing an innovative way to tokenize membership, a never-before experience in the NFT space.

People are used to the NFT space in the Ethereum Blockchain because of its ease of transfers, ease of trade, and verifiability on the secondary markets. However, RAM NFT takes a spin on the Ethereum Blockchain for NFTs. The RAM NFT project will change how subscription membership operates using smart contracts.

After RAM Gen 2 primary sales closed in June 2022, it would take around a month for the first set of NFTs to be minted. After this, minting would continue for a year.

The primary difference in both generations of NFT is the additional membership months and more benefits for RAM Gen 1 holders. RAM Gen 1 owners already had an NFT airdropped to them and RiseAngle added 6 NFT collections to the initial 12 collections in the first generation.

The membership to NFT art would give you access to unique collections, which include comic books, 2D/3D arts, and metaverse/AR/VR projects.


The RAM NFT project has made a massive success at its launches, earning it immense patronage and acceptability. Building on the successful model, RAM NFT is changing the game for a previously undervalued aspect of the NFT space. Jump on RiseAngles’s Discord community and Twitter page to stay in the loop.

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