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Raffle Coin Marks a New Phase for Render and Bittensor Enthusiasts, Eyeing Unprecedented 40X Gains

Being able to identify promising crypto projects with immense growth potential and getting in early on is what often separates great investors from average investors.

Render holders and Bittensor advocates have singled out Raffle Coin from the new pool of emerging crypto ventures because they can see its prospect for growth and its capacity to immensely reward them with gains.

Render holders turn to new lifeline after recent drop in prices

Render is widely known as the native token of the Render Network. The Render Network is a distributed GPU rendering network developed to connect artists and studios in need of GPU computing power with mining partners willing to rent their GPU capabilities.  After just reaching its ATH value of $13.6 in the past week, Render has started to face a downturn.

It has dropped by 8% in the last few days, causing its investors to lose from the profit gained in the last month. They are now on the search for projects that can help them recover their losses and possibly make them more profit.

Bittensor investors are seeking an end to their run of losses

Bittensor has been dwindling since last month. Recently, its fall has gotten steeper within the last few days. Bittensor holders have been searching for opportunities in the form of new, emerging projects that can bring an end to their run of losses.

Bittensor holders have been monitoring Raffle Coin in particular as they are already sold on its potential and its chances to penetrate the robust lottery market and possibly offer around 40X profit after launch.

Investors are attracted to Raffle Coin due to its potential to penetrate huge lottery market

The Raffle Coin project has won many curious investors over due to its potential to not only revolutionize the online lottery industry but also compete with its major players around the world and deliver as much as 40X profit to investors. Raffle Coin aims to penetrate the multi billion dollar lottery industry with its decentralized raffle system.

On the platform, users can sign up quickly to start browsing through the listings of raffles, join them and start competing with thousands of other users for prizes. Winners can make away with prizes that range from fancy tech gadgets and clothes to vacations, cash prizes and expensive sports cars. They can also convert unwanted items to crypto.

The platform plans to attract users through various incentives like a monthly mega jackpot where users will compete for crazy prizes. Raffle Draw will charge relatively lower fees from users when compared to other traditional lottery platforms.

The project will also reward presale investors in various forms. They will get to participate in a special lottery for the chance to win $100K and earn revenue from fees the platform generates for as long as they hold the tokens.

The project is still in the first stage of its presale as each token goes for just $0.02. We recommend checking it out.

Find out more about the Raffle Coin Presale from the official website here.

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