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In March 2023 a fork of Ethereum called PulseChain was released, built by well known crypto founder Richard Heart. It includes the whole Ethereum system-state, meaning that every Ethereum user already owns copies of all their ERC20 tokens on the new chain. 

It is the largest airdrop in history with millions of tokens and NFTs ready to be claimed. This mirroring process endows users with duplicate assets exclusively functional within PulseChain’s ecosystem, fostering an intrinsic user base and catalyzing activity within the nascent chain. 

Those tokens can be claimed at any time, simply by connecting a wallet like MetaMask to the new chain. The details can be found on the official PulseChain homepage. There are various tools enabling Ethereum users to check the value of their airdrop, for example the GoPulse Portfolio tracker. Airdropped tokens can be traded on many DEXs like GoPulseX


PulseChain positions itself as a catalyst seeking to elevate Ethereum’s inherent value. Functioning as a layer-1 blockchain it promises to lower the notorious gas fees on Ethereum by sharing its load. 

Beyond Ethereum’s confines, PulseChain implements transformative adjustments, ranging from diminished gas transaction fees to scalability enhancements. At the time of writing PulseChain is more than 9800 times cheaper to use than Ethereum. Transactions cost less than half a cent in gas fees. PulseChain also has a 17% faster blocktime than Ethereum, enabling users to transact incredibly quickly with industry leading UX. 

There are hundreds of active community-built projects utilizing this highly efficient new EVM chain. There are highly performant dApps to mint your own tokens, stablecoin on-ramps licensed to run in dozens of countries, NFT Marketplaces, and token ranking sites. The network is secured by tens of thousands of Validators all around the globe, with 100% of them run by the community. 

An official, free and unlimited RPC endpoint makes building for developers incredibly easy leading to a flourishing ecosystem. All existing smart contracts have already been copied over at the time of fork, frontends can be made available on PulseChain with only a single line of code changed.

Future Prospects 

Today’s market cap of PulseChain sits at only $864 Million USD with a PLS price of $0.0000556, according to A comprehensive analysis of PulseChain’s strengths and risk profile suggests optimistic prospects for its trajectory: 

Financial Resilience 

  • Boasting a multibillion-dollar financial backing, PulseChain stands resilient in comparison to other layer-1 networks, facilitating robust promotion and infrastructure expansion. 

Distinctive Value Proposition 

  • The airdrop model augments PulseChain’s appeal, fostering user activity by subsidizing the trading of mirrored assets, presenting an avenue for pure profit. 

Technological Advancements 

  • PulseChain’s judicious technical enhancements in speed, fees, and sustainability position it as a contender for blockchain innovation. 

Developer Mindshare 

  • By inheriting Solidity and Web3 tooling from Ethereum, PulseChain taps into a vast pool of adept dApp developers, ensuring seamless continuity. 

Synergistic Partnership with Ethereum 

  • Augmenting rather than antagonizing Ethereum, PulseChain strategically sidesteps the pitfalls associated with being an “Ethereum killer.” 

Fortified by these factors, PulseChain appears poised to generate substantial value and carve a distinctive niche within the global blockchain ecosystem.


PulseChain is a feature-rich blockchain alternative to developers, traders, investors, and users, all while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum. Technologically, PulseChain addresses multiple pain points affecting its competitors, leveraging clever tokenomics and incentive structures to stimulate rapid adoption across diverse participant cohorts. 

PulseChain is a feature-rich blockchain alternative to developers,

The network holds substantial upside potential, driven by its formidable financial backing, thriving community, and astute technical approach. As PulseChain matures and platform usage expands, it could emerge as an industry vanguard, pushing the boundaries of what layer-1 blockchains can realistically achieve for their developers and users. High quality community projects like GoPulse serve as the primary interface to interact with the chain, further decentralizing the project and eliminating single points of failure.

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