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Proven Marketing Strategies Tech Entrepreneurs Can’t Succeed Without

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Becoming a tech entrepreneur is pretty easy. Becoming a successful tech entrepreneur is a bit more difficult. Entrepreneurs have a creative mindset. They can bring solutions to life from the simplest of ideas. 

However, growing those solutions in a target market is where successful entrepreneurs thrive. To succeed, you need to have a number of marketing strategies. This is especially true in the tech space, because the competition is fierce.

From content marketing to leveraging the benefits of subscription services, let’s take a closer look at proven marketing strategies tech entrepreneurs can’t live without.

Build Your Tech Brand Carefully

Branding and communications has become an essential part of becoming a successful tech entrepreneur. It is at the core of everything you do when it comes to marketing. If your branding, and the positioning of your brand is poor, the marketing strategies you implement will fail.

What does strong branding and communications look like? Here are a few key branding elements:

  • A brand story that connects with the target audience
  • Three primary brand messages (often key features of the solution)
  • Multi-channel brand awareness
  • Buyer personas for the brand
  • Attractive logo, colors, and CTAs
  • Media outlets and influencers that will share your brand

There is certainly more to branding and communications than the above. But if you tick the boxes on the above, you will be on the right path toward tech entrepreneur success.

Social Media Is Critical For Growth And Success

With your brand book or branding deck ready to go, you can begin developing marketing strategies. If you are not leveraging social media for your tech business, product, and/or service, it will be challenging to find success.

This is where a strong social media marketing strategy comes into play. You don’t want to set up social media profiles for your tech startup without having a plan.

First, create a list of industry hashtags (social keywords) that you can use in every post. Next, use your buyer personas to find where your target audience hangs out on social media. For instance, if your target audience is mainly female, Pinterest and Instagram are top social network choices.

When you have this info ready, develop a calendar of posts in order to post consistently. But it is important to focus on actionable, quality content for your social followers. Otherwise, no one will engage or share your social posts.

Content Is Still King!

Content marketing is just as important as branding and communications. And what you do within your content marketing strategy will trickle down to every coming marketing strategy and campaign.

For example, content marketing is part of social media marketing, since you need to create content for each post. Content marketing is part of email marketing, landing pages for subscription services, conversion optimization, and more.

What type of content should you be focusing on? Just like social media, you want every piece of content that has your branding to be actionable, and of great quality. Yes, touch on your solution and its features, but don’t oversell.

Give up the good stuff. If your tech solution is a financial education app for kids, create content to help parents and kids save money, do allowance right, and other education tips your audience can use.

Optimize For Maximum Conversions

Conversions are important in order to grow your tech startup as an entrepreneur. And conversions don’t necessarily mean sales. When a potential customer lands on your website, give them multiple opportunities to opt-in to something. 

This is where your branding call to actions (CTAs) make an impact. You should have plenty of areas for site visitors to click through to the contact form. You can also serve up an ebook or white paper for an email opt-in.

This helps you grow your email marketing subscriber list, which can have major value long-term. Let’s get into email marketing a bit more next.

Email Marketing Has Huge ROI

The return on investment (ROI) for every marketing strategy and campaign is essential to track. You want maximum ROI for everything you do, especially since you are tapping into your marketing budget to grow your business into a successful one.

Email marketing delivers powerful ROI. Research suggests that the ROI of email marketing is $42 to every dollar spent. But to get that type of ROI, you need to do email marketing right.

Here are a few email marketing must-dos:

  • Don’t be spammy (sell without selling)
  • Deliver a benefit with each email
  • Use email marketing for more than just sales (news, updates, events, etc.)
  • Keep emails short and to the point
  • Send emails constantly, but not too often
  • Have CTAs for subscribers to learn more on your website
  • Invite subscribers to follow your business on social media

Wrapping Up . . .

There are a ton of marketing strategies tech entrepreneurs can’t live without. The above are great to get your tech startup moving in the right direction. You should also consider influencer marketing, search marketing, and more. How will you use marketing to achieve entrepreneur success?

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