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Pros and Cons of Leather Accessories

Pros and Cons of Leather Accessories

Leather users know how many qualities this pious material possesses and how easy it is to carry. For many reasons, Leather is the most popular choice for bags, clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. The most significant benefit of leather that no one can ignore is its durability. It is the most durable and sustainable material that enables you to have carefree years, as you can choose leather goods for decades without them breaking apart.

However, there are always some downsides to everything. Just like any relationship, leather also requires a bit of care from you. It cannot sustain if you make rough use of it; cleaning and conditioning leather is a must if you want it to stay intact for a long time. A men’s weekender bag is a popular choice for travel among men these days, but nothing can beat the popularity of leather accessories for men. In this blog, we will discuss some pros and cons of leather accessories so you can decide whether you want to invest in them or not.

Pros of Leather Accessories

Following are some of the pros of investing in leather accessories for men.


Other than being durable, leather accessories for men are also timeless. You can take a look at the history and see that leather accessories have been used for centuries and are still very relevant. There has never been a time when leather was out of fashion. You can carry the same leather goods for years, and they will look as classy as they did when you bought them. This quality makes leather worth investing in because no one would want to invest in something that will go out of style soon.


Leather is a stylish material, and there’s no doubt about it. Everyone notices when someone passes by carrying a classy leather bag. This material makes the heads turn with its minimalistic designs and colours. It is perfect for people who have sophisticated taste, and everyone who uses leather knows how to appreciate it. Choosing a leather accessory means that you get to be at the top of your fashion game.

Pros of Leather Accessories

Appreciates in Value

Real leather appreciates in value. If you have done some research about leather goods, you would know that real leather gets better with time. High-quality leather develops a patina over time and gives the leather a more weathered texture which makes it look more vintage. Old leather goods always look better than new leather products. They are also more convenient to use and have a personalised feel to them.


Leather is the most versatile material that goes with every outfit and every setting. You could carry leather goods to your university, a party, or an office meeting without feeling out of place. It helps your look come together and enhances your appearance. People also appreciate the decency of this material, and it is also easy on your pocket as you don’t have to purchase a new bag for each setting. One leather accessory will do for you.


Unlike many other materials, leather is made from natural animal hide, which makes it much more valuable and expensive. Real leather is 100% natural, and no chemicals are used to change its shape and texture. It’s the best option for people who only like to use natural products and don’t wanna add any waste to the world. However, the condition in this is that you need to purchase real leather. Artificial leather is made of all kinds of chemicals and doesn’t possess the same qualities as real leather. You might get it at lower prices, but it will never give you the same experience. Hence, it is better to get natural leather instead of using fake leather.

Cons of Leather Accessories

Following are some of the cons of investing in leather accessories for men.


Despite having so many benefits, there’s one problem that many buyers just can’t overlook. Leather goods are expensive, and if you wish to purchase real and high-quality leather, you will have to spend a good amount of money on it. Everyone cannot afford real leather products, which makes them purchase faux or low-quality leather. While it might satisfy them to some extent, nothing can come close to real leather.

Not Entirely Waterproof

Leather has water-resistant properties, but it is not entirely waterproof. If a leather good gets too wet, it becomes difficult to keep it intact. Water can damage the texture, and so can sunlight and many other environmental factors. You need to ensure that your leather accessories are away from any damage that can cause the texture to lose its original state.

It Needs Care

Leather requires a lot of care which also adds to the cost of the product. Purchasing leather is not the only expense you have to bear; you also need to make sure you get it professionally cleaned once in a while so there’s no dirt sitting on it. You can also purchase cleaning products to clean your leather accessories at home. However, it might not bring the same results, and some people end up using harmful products on their leather goods, which makes the situation worse. It is better to do proper research about leather cleaning products to ensure that you don’t apply anything harmful to your leather goods. You can also ask a professional cleaner about the best cleaning products to use at home.


Leather is undoubtedly the best material to invest in. Real leather offers countless benefits to its users, which is the biggest reason why people spend so much money on real leather products. It gives them an experience no other material can. Mens Weekend Bag might be a popular choice nowadays, but leather accessories like wallets and card holders are also as relevant and popular.

If you are thinking of buying real leather products, visit Obi Pelle. They have an amazing collection of leather goods and accessories for both men and women. You can also customise your leather products to fit your needs.

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