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The website has long ceased to be a status add-on for companies. It has become a full-fledged working tool which can both increase profits and decrease them. To work successfully on the internet, you need to know all the laws of the market. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and a lot depends on a successful start. In this article, we will look at how to start an online business promotion.

Comprehensive website promotion – using all available resources

The first thing to understand is that the process has to be done in a planned way or not at all. Things change too quickly on the internet. The approaches that worked successfully yesterday are hopelessly outdated tomorrow. Previously – to seo friendly link building, meant getting a few SEO-optimized articles for him and, perhaps, advertising. Now the user knows how to distinguish between quality content from advertising, and learned to bypass intrusive marketing offers.

In addition, it is important not only to understand who your audience is and where they live, but also to keep track of their movements. For example, for the average person, Tik Tok and the publishing business are virtually unrelated. After all, the interests of those who read and those who prefer to watch videos are opposite. Meanwhile, Book Tok has become a sought-after trend and is now helping to promote many books and their authors. By approaching the website promotion process in a holistic manner, we attract an unlimited number of clients. To do this you need to:

  • use search engine promotion;
  • create targeted contextual advertising;
  • don’t forget about email marketing;
  • make use of all the social networking opportunities;
  • always monitor the source from which the client came.

The last point relates not only to understanding how promotion works, but also whether it works effectively enough.

A comprehensive website promotion will allow you to:

  1. notify customers quickly about new products;
  2. increase demand for a product or service;
  3. outperform competitors through media buzz and creative pitching;
  4. boost company or brand loyalty;
  5. increase financial performance.

What does comprehensive website promotion consist of?

Like any marketing process, it has several stages. It’s not just the speed at which you go through them that matters, but rather the quality of the work. The more effort and work put into the preparatory stages, the sooner the desired result can be obtained. The comprehensive promotion of the website includes:

  • Marketing audit. It allows you to see the real situation of the firm and its prospects. It also helps to analyze competitors and outline a strategy for working with them.
  • Technical audit of the site – will make it possible to check the resource itself and understand what its problems are. Only a team of experts can do this, because everything is checked: from the quality of text to user-friendliness.
  • Creating a comprehensive strategy – includes a detailed analysis of the audit and the views of experts. Based on this, a general plan for follow-up work is created.
  • The promotion process itself. It involves many specialists, including content managers, designers and programmers. During the work, tasks are solved and new proposals for the problem are put forward.
  • Collecting analytics – Once the work is completed, a thorough analysis is carried out. Consider the prospective benefits of all processes and find weaknesses that need to be corrected. The output is a quality website, with active and effective traffic.

And a few words about SEO. It should not be confused with comprehensive promotion. But it is one of the most important elements of the process. It is what allows you to ensure traffic through search engines.

By contacting us you will get quality services for website promotion and SEO-optimization. Only verified experts and the latest techniques. For detailed consultation please contact the site manager in any way convenient for you.


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