Predicting Customer Behaviour with AI : Interview with Vian Chinner, the CEO of Xineoh.

Xineoh, is  harnessing the power of AI to help your business predict consumer behavior to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction. The CEO Vian Chinner will be discussing this project with us in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

I am Vian Chinner, the CEO of Xineoh. I would describe myself as a tech utopian, and I am extraordinarily excited about what we will accomplish in the next 2 decades, with the help of AI.

2) What is Xineoh?

Xineoh is a company that focuses predicting consumer behaviour using AI. We help our clients out-predict their competition thereby maximizing their business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

3) What are the major products and services on Xineoh?

Xineoh has a platform that helps businesses outpredict their competition by matching people with products, prices with spending propensity, inventory with business opportunity and people with usage patterns.

4) What makes a good data scientist and why is Xineoh special?

A lot of data scientists can talk a great game but come up way short when they need to deliver results.

The key differentiator is, being able to break a problem down in its fundamental components and proceed systematically solving the problem from the ground up

What makes Xineoh so special is our ability to deliver. We promise to deliver the solution to your matching problem within 2 weeks, where it may take other companies months of consulting and costs.

5) What is the market size of AI Predictive analytics?

Accenture estimates world AI spend in 2021 at about $50b. Predictive analytics should be a significant proportion of that, at least 10-20% so that would give a market size of $5b – $10b.

6) Could you tell us some businesses that have actually used your predictive platform?

We are just launching into the market now. We have signed our first customer, KE a very large national electronic wholesaler in Poland. They are using our platform to maximize revenue by optimizing prices.

7) What is next on the Xineoh roadmap within the next 5 years?

We raised a $2million venture round out of Vancouver last year. We are looking to do a series B in short order.

We have a strong pipeline of potential clients close to signing, after we signed the first few clients we will do series B, which will be used to build a professional sales team and further expand our engineering team.

Ultimately in 5 years we will probably be about ready to IPO or be acquired.

8) Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

Since we are still small the advantage to customers are that they get extreme hands on support. You can still reach everybody in the organization, including the CEO with ease.

9) Why should Consumers and businesses feel safe to use your analysis and platform, would you like to talk about your compliance and security measures?

The data reaches our platform with valuable and/or personal information like a customer name, encrypted so there is never a chance of it being exposed.

Further to that, we utilize all industry standard safety precautions at the most restrictive levels of access. To gain access to the data on our servers, somebody would need to operate from a whitelisted IP and have the necessary key.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

Everybody is realizing how important AI is becoming. It is very difficult to implement, even though people pretend otherwise. If you are tired of getting excuses instead of results, you should try Xineoh.

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