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PowerPoint Made Easy: Adding Videos From Your Device

Today most presentations are done through the popular PowerPoint application. It is one of the basic software you have in the Office program when you first buy your computer or laptop.

However, none of us has ever received specific training in PowerPoint. We usually find all the buttons and tabs ourselves, and this could take time. For that reason, it would be better to know everything in advance and save time from our lives, especially when we want a presentation to be done right away.

It’s the best thing in the world to add some videos to your PowerPoint presentations. It will engage your audience a lot more than simply letting them read sentences. That’s why you will have the best possible content that will make others give you applause when done. Let’s see what is the most prominent way to find these PowerPoint video additions and how to do it in a simple and easy-to-understand steps list.


Step-by-Step Guidance to Add Videos to PowerPoint


1-Open the Presentation You Want to Process

2-Check the Exact Slide You Need to Add the Video to

3-Find the Insert Tab with the Ribbon on The Top of the Slide

4-Look for the Media Section of the Ribbon and Press the Video Button

5-Let the Dropdown Menu Develop and Select “This Device”

6-Browse Your Computer Files and Folders to Find the Video You Would Like to Add to Your PowerPoint Slide

7-Select the particular Video File and Click “Insert”


Which are the Best Methods When You Are Adding Videos To Your PowerPoint Files?


People who prefer to add videos to their PowerPoint files are, most of the time, perfectionists. They want to impress others, and that’s one of the ways they can do it. Whether they are students who wish to graduate with honors or company employees who seek a promotion, videos could easily get you there.

Most people check their PowerPoint presentations, and employers will never give you a second chance to show them what you want to say. As a result, there are some methods and tricks you should better use when you want to add videos to your slides. Here are the most important of them:


You Can Add Videos to Explain One of Your Arguments

Videos are better accepted by your audience when they come to support your arguments stated before. That’s why it’s better to add some videos when you want to explain these arguments better. Everyone knows and understands what you want to say, especially when you present a relevant video from daily life. That will give you a competitive advantage against other presenters who may not have the idea to add videos to their presentations.


All Videos Should Be Placed in Strategic Positions


Strategic position is the right place for your video inside your PowerPoint files. For that reason, it’s better to view where your presentation lags, and you need to add a video there. It wouldn’t be nice to add the video after a long slide or when you see that there is much information for the audience to absorb. Sometimes the audience just needs a break from reading, and that could be the ideal time to add your video and feel happy!


Videos You Add to Your PowerPoint Slides Should Be Brief


A good hint about the videos you add to your PowerPoint slides would be to keep them brief. One or two minutes are ok, but we have seen some videos going on for five or more minutes. That could destroy your presentation and make you look awful. It would be better to pick a shorter video and ensure that you will keep your audience engaged all the time. Otherwise, there is virtually no point in adding a video to your presentation.


These Videos Should be Of High Quality and Best Analysis


Every video you are about to add to your PowerPoint presentation should have the best possible quality and analysis. It would be vain for your audience to try to look at a low-quality and analysis video. Even if what you say makes sense, a low-quality video gives the impression of misery to your presentation and destroys all the great image you have created for yourself.


Check the Presentation Twice to Ensure Your Videos Play in the Slide Mode


Finally, it would be a good idea to check the validity and playability of the video added to your PowerPoint. Sometimes videos will not work in the Slide Mode of your presentation. For that reason, practicing with it at least twice is what you need to ensure you will have a presentation without any unpleasant surprises.




Adding videos to your PowerPoint slides is an easy process once you do it for the first time. You will see that the audience gets more engaged with videos, and people perceive your presentation as superior quality no matter what the value of the information inside could be.


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